Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams Pregame

Well it is almost here. After waiting two weeks for another Hawks game it will be here in two days. This week the Seattle Seahawks square off against their divisional rivals the St. Louis Rams. Both teams are tied for first in the NFC West and only one will be on top at the end of the week.
The Hawks are coming off a brutal loss and a bye week. The bye week has given the Seahawks to regroup and to heal. Our players have been faced with injury and it looks if we will have our Tighten End, Jeremy Stevens back for this weeks game, he isn’t listed on the injury report. I think lacking the tight end position has really effected our overal performance.
Alexander is still out but I know we can win without him. I would love to see him back in the line up.
It is going to be a great game and it will show that Seattle is the team to beat in the NFC. In a press release by Boston Herald they are saying this about the match up, "the feeling here is that St. Louis is more pretender than contender, and the Rams will be a bit overmatched by the defending NFC champions."
I completely agree! The Rams barely squeeked out a win over the Packers last week on a Bret Farve fumble in the last minute of the game. If they want to beat us it is going to take more than luck. I am preparing for a super beating my the Seattle Seahawks with a final score of 35-13 Hawks!
In other News: Worthlessberger is Gay. Yes, it is true and in a press release on October 10, 2006 the truth finally comes out. This update was brought to you by the one and only Grinch.
Well football season is in full swing on MSN Spaces and the comments, images and slander is on full tilt. Grinchy and Priness Boobie have been going at for 5 weeks now. Seahawks and Steeler photo editing is crazy and even Goingbigger has been caught up in it. Here are some the best pictures from the battle zone.

Image by Princess Boobie

Yea, that is me with JUGZ…thx Boobie…I’ve always wonder what I would look like with titties 🙂 

Image by Grinchy

 There is Boobie and her hubby at Quest Field. There are closet Hawk Fans.

Image by Princess Boobie

This is just false advertisements 🙂


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