Seattle Seahawks lead the NFC West

Sunday afternoon was a game for the season. The Seattle Seahawks battled the St Louis Rams in a divisional shoot out where these two teams were tied for first place.
The Rams were the first to get the ball rolling. On their first possession, Bulger pass for a 42 yard pass to give the Rams some breadthing room. That pass set up a drive which would end in 7 points for the St Louis. But not going to be out done. Matt Hasselbeck marched down the field to answer back with 7 points of their own. Tied at 7-7 this looked like a divisional rivaly game which would settle who would be in first place.
After the Hawks first possession they seemed to fall apart through the rest of the first half and even Josh Brown missed a short field goal, 34 yards, with the ball hit both uprights before bouncing out. When does that happen? THe Rams put up 14 unanswered points and the Seawks could never get out of their 30 yard line with out punting. It was looking nasty for the Seattle Seahawks and possibly a repeat of the Hawks loss against the Chicago Bears. The half ended with a score of 21-7 Rams.
The third quarter was total different story. Hasselbeck and the gang came out like vetran players and put on a clinic. Scoring touchdowns and field goals the Hawks answered back and eventually taking the lead late in the 4th quarter. With the score 21-27 and 3 minutes left on the clock, the Seattle Hawk looked as if this one was in the bag. Not in Buldgers mind though. With a 60+ yard pass to Holt, which was bobbled, he maintained possession and ran in it for a TD and with the extra point good the score was 28-27 Rams with 1:43 left on the clock.
My friends and I were in complete shock and now it looked like the Rams would win by one point. But Hasselbeck was not finished. With no time outs and 1:43 on the clock, he passed, passed and passed more for consecutive first downs to get the Hawks into field goal range. All of a sudden with, the field goal unit on the line, 4 seconds on the game clock, the Hawks get a penalty. Oh NO!!  It was a illegal formation, not a offsides, so there was no mandatory run off since it wasn’t a false start by the offense.
The Seattle Seahawks were assessed a 5 yard penalty making it a 54 yard field goal attempt to win the game. Josh Brown came in and booted and it went through with time expiring on the clock. Josh Brown KICK ASS!! The best kicker in the league!!
All of were jumping around, screaming, yelling and just celebrating to the maximum. The Seattle Seahawks win the game and take over the first place in the NFC West. That is the game of the year so far.
Matt Hasselbeck – 19/35, 265 yrds, 3 TDs, 19 yrd rush
Deion Branch –  2 TD’s, 76 yrds
Darrell Jackson – 1 TD, 94 yrds
Josh Brown – 3/4, 49-49-54 (game winning field goal) missed a 34

3 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks lead the NFC West

  1. Hey Toby..Glad your team pulled another one out for ya! The Steelers are back…least I hope! Yesterdays game was freaking awesome…Im a happy lady today! Take care! ugs~~PB~~

  2. Hey Toby!
    What a GAME!!!
    Man,… I was sweating it bad at the end!
    When that Field goal went in I SCREAMED so LOUD
    it Scared the $#*&! out of my Wife!!!
    Ya GOTTA love it!!

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