TW Resource Group

Chris and I have been working on our small business marketing website/space for the past week. It has come along ways since its first conception and finally is starting to look like something. In recent months it didn’t get a lot of attention because Chris and I have been busy in other areas of our lives. Chris recently got married and me, well I have just been working a lot on some other websites.
So far we have finished our privacy policy, disclaimer, personal bios and the about us page. There is still a lot of work to be done before we will feel like it is complete or has the foundation content in place.
One of the biggest and most difficult sections to build is our services so far there is only one page under the service category, SEO, and it is isn’t even complete yet. This is where the meat of the site will so it is imperative that we get it right. But the nice thing is we can always go back and edit it.
Working on the services section brought up an interesting thought. The site needs to have payment options on it so people can purchase services directly from the website. So this weekend I am going to see if a Paypal account can be incorporated somehow with our business account. Maybe I should wait until the rest of the site is in order? We’ll see.
TW Resource Group is now on the world wide looking for work. What could be more fun than spending a Friday night or weekend working? Hahaha…peace out playas!!

One thought on “TW Resource Group

  1. hi thanks to you to be passed by me and to have accepted my invitation… does it give to find me when you want ok? a kiss moon

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