Washington has become a tech hub since the dawn of Microsoft and all the biotech research facilities so know wonder it has become the home of the first professional real estate network. was founded by Matt, Caleb, James and Ben. A while ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt, Caleb and James to discuss the comings and goings of ActiveRain. It was a real treat and I learned a lot about their vision and reasons for starting AR. It also gave me the opportunity to talk first hand with some very smart people. It was a Kodak moment.
When I joined the network there where roughly 1,800 active members; but now with a membership approaching 8,000 my Washington real estate blog has become one of the older sites on the network. I checked some statistics on my real estate blog and it is receiving roughly 260 visitors a day, not to shabby for being 3 ½ months old, and it has replaced Goingbigger as my primary blog platform.
I look forward to continuing to participate on ActiveRain and watching the community develop. If you are into real estate and would like to join the fastest and best real estate network take a few minutes sign up. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes, click here.
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