Quest Field: Staduim Bombing Threat

Have you heard this crap yet? The Seattle Times reported in there article A threat of "dirty bombs" dismissed, the that multiple football stadiums were threatened with dirty bombs including the Seattle Seahawks’ Quest Field. The source was said to be a young man that has no ties with terrorist groups and the threat appeared to be phony.
How could anyone make such a threat? What makes people want to threaten and kill innocent people? Let’s all be stupid and kill people….come on…use that thing between your ears called a "brain". It was put there to be used for constructive thought not reckless hate. These type of people disgust me, they are cowards and just plain idiots!
How can things progress when they are constantly being destroyed and rebuilt? Looking at Iraq, the different factions are constantly blowing buildings, killing innocent people and disrupting daily lives. Its a self defeating strategy that does not lead to progression but to regression. As the US spends billions of dollars to rebuild the country these dirt bags keep blowing stuff up. Then they blame the US for it happening…wow that is a one way to influence local policy, morons.
The hatred acts that are happening through out the world, either for personal or religious reasons, are horrendous and need to be stopped. There is an old adage that says fight force with force. If they want to blow up building and people then I say we blow them up. The world will be a safer place without these dirt bags.
The Hawks will be at Quest Field with 68,000 others bringing the noise and pain to the Vikings, more to come on that tomorrow.

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