1993 Mustang GT: Paint Job

Now that is the off season for racing my buddy Brian has gotten into another big project for the Mustang. Brian is adding a hood, grill insert, front & rear bumper covers and wing all from a 93 Cobra Mustang. What you will notice from the mustang’s pictures, is the GT side skirts were kept along with the 5.0 badges and there is nothing that says Cobra on it, except for the intake. This a very unique car now and if I may say so my self, pretty f***in badass!!
It should roll out of the paint shop tonight after the Seahawks and Vikings game. From the initial pictures it looks like it came awesome. The stang was painted by our friend David who owns Sunset. Sunset doesn’t have a website but if I get my way they will 🙂 but that is off topic. This summer Brian and I should stylin high profilin when we are out at the track and on the street.
There have been some new goodies added to the parts-to-be-put-on pile. Brian picked up his new heads but will have to wait until he gets his new block, intake and headers before he can put the heads on. After all that the mustang should dyno at 500rwhp or just over. It was dyno’d a few years back at 405rwhp and 405 ft/lbs of torque but that was only at 9lbs of boost and the factory bottom end. So there have been many changes since then so the 500 mark is an obtainable goal. Well I am off to blog on other stuff. Peace out and keep the dirty side down.
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One thought on “1993 Mustang GT: Paint Job

  1. Hey Toby!!
    Man we gotta lot in common!!
    We\’re big Trek fans too, TNG espessially.
    Sci-Fi RULES!!
    You say Sunset painted your car?
    as in Sunset Chevrolet???
    Thats what I do for a Living, We (my Father-in-law & I )
    are Partners & own "The Hobby Shop" Autobody & Custom Paint.
    We paint new, old, & do custom paint & graphix for Race Cars.
    We do all cars, but Specialise in Mustangs, Mavericks & Pintos.
    We (after 15 years) finally Sold our 351C Pinto, to a real JERK
    thats wanted it for years, but we also on wednesday just
    dropped a 460 into our \’74 Pinto Sedan Delivery that we hope
    to have ready for next racing season.
    I CANT WAIT!!!
    It will be Great to race Super Gas Class instead of Super Street.
    ( 9.90 ET instead of 10.90 )
    We\’ll hookup soon I know it, either at a Race Track or at
    a SeaHawks Game, then we can discuss that Monster Stash!!
    LOL!!!  Whoo-Hoo!! 😉
    We should get the details of Hasselbecks injury tomorrow,
    I dont think it\’s bad, but keep your fingers crossed!!
    Take care Toby!

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