Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings: Pregame

After last weeks over-time win over the St. Louis Rams, the Seattle Seahawks are finally home at Quest Stadium to face the 3-2 Minnesota Vikings. Last week the Hawks looked slow during the first half then came out for the second half with vengeance. How will the game lay out this week?
Well that is what I am here to tell ya. The Seattle Seahawks are 4-1 and leading the NFC West with a game out home and since it has been over a year since the Hawks have lost a game at home the odds are truly in our favor. There are many things that the Vikings are going to have to think about: Hasselbeck, Tatupu, Peterson, Branch, Morris, Jackson, Jones (best player in the NFL), Wistrom and the one and only Mack Strong and Josh Brown.
The 12th Fan will be yelling and screaming their asses off as well so the Vikings offense will have to pay attention to the ball. While they are worried about not jumping the snap count the Seattle defense will be showing blitz so Brad Johnson better pay attention. Just a forewarning Bran, you will be getting off the ground a lot.
To be effective the Seattle offense is going to have to keep the air in the football and bring everyone is the game. Spreading the football around to the receivers, tight-end even short passes to our running backs will keep the Vikings defense spread out and guessing. This will enable Seattle to establish a run game and keep marching the football down field. This is all dependent on our offensive lining giving Hasselbeck good pass protection so he is not getting off the ground. His ribs are probably still sore from the beatings they have been taking all season.
1hr 15 minutes till game time….I gotta run and get ready…

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