Seattle Seahawks vs Minnesota Vikings

Last Sunday was a sad day in the Emerald City with the Seattle Seahawks losing to the Minnesota Vikings 31-13. The game started of great with the Hawks defense holding the Vikings to a first drive field goal then it was our turn to take the field.
Matt Hasselbeck connected to Darrell Jackson for a 72 yard TD reception and it looked like the Hawks were going to pound on the Vikings. The teams exchanged punts and entered the half with a score all tied at 10-10. After this point is was all down hill but the loss was not the worst thing though. In the third quarter and defense line man rolled into Matt Hasselbeck’s right knee.
The crowd watched in shock as Matt rolled on the ground holding his knee and we all feared the worse. The initial reports are that is a knee sprain and Hasselbeck is going to be out for at least 3 weeks. This is not good because the Seattle Seahawks are faced with a long line of injuries and our MVP has still yet to return to the field.
Hasselbeck’s backup is young Seneca Wallace, who played for the remainder of last week’s game, who is going to get a large helping of snaps and playing time. Even though we lost last week, Wallace did show he may have what it takes to win football games.
The question that a lot of people are asking is Holmgren going to use the athletic ability of Wallace similar to a Micheal Vick or he is going to keep him in the pocket like the traditional west coast offense? So far Holmgren is not saying and I don’t blame him. Why share secrets with other teams especially when we have a new and relatively inexperience quarter back.
Our defense also has to step it up and not allow 95 yard rushing TD’s and deep passes. It seemed that the Hawks were blowing coverage for the whole second half, except for a few good plays.
ARG, this not the way we wanted to come off a huge win over the St. Louis Rams. The good things we are still leading our division with a 4-2 record but the race for home field advantage for the playoffs is going to tight. We need everyone in the NFC to start loosing and us to get our momentum back.
This Sunday we are on the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs had a good game last Sunday but right now they’re hit-and-miss at best. Lets go on the round and do some pounding.

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