Seattle Seahawks Week 8

This weekend the Seattle Seahawks are going to have to play with vengeance and a hunger that they want to get to the Superbowl this year.
The injury is way to big for us right now and having our Probowl quarterback and MVP running back out of the lineup it is going to be extremely difficult to win in Kansas City. Seneca Wallace will make his first regular season start is a hostile environment and he will have to get into a grove early and not a bad grove.
It will highly beneficial if Holmgren lets Wallace run and use his athletic ability to disrupt the Chiefs defense. He can play Vick style football and maybe that is what need during the injury period the team is going through.
I think the Hawks are still a winning football team and have the potential to win tough road games. If the Hawks can stop the run game then we will be fighting an uphill battle all day long.
So Seattle lets travel to Kansas City and to some smashing.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks Week 8

    Hey Toby!
    Why do I suddenly feel like a Oakland Raiders Fan? LOL!!!
    It must be this Black cloud hanging over seattle.
    Well Thats ok, cause my Whoo-ville Dopler radar says
    Sunshine this weekend, and a Severe Chance of
    Seattle Kickin\’ KC\’s @SS in the Forcast!!! 🙂 

  2. BOO! =P
    :Happy Halloween:
    Here\’s a lil e-card for you!
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    Hold shift+ctrl then click for easier loading.

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