Seahawks move to 4-3 with a loss at Arrowhead.

The Seattle Seahawks lost today on the road at Kansas City but Seattle’s offense looked awesome for playing their backups. Seneca Wallace made his first professional start today and passed 15/30, 198 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INT.
Kansas was able to put 3 points in their opening drive while holding the Hawks to a punt. Then the first points Seattle put on the board came from a Hawk’s forced fumble to give the offense excellent field possession. Hackett was subbed in and I said to my buddies "look for Hackett to be in on this play" and BOOM! Wallace to Hackett for a TD.
Hawks lead 7-3
After the kick off, the defense allowed the Chiefs to march down field and put up another 10 points, field goal and TD to retake the lead 7-13. The Hawks got the ball back but had to punt and the Chiefs were back on offense. The Seattle defense held the Chiefs to a 50 yard field goal attempt, but all of a sudden, a bad snap and the place holder had to role out. He panicked and fairy threw the ball and it went straight up and hit the ground. The Hawks recover the football and ran it all away down field for a 60 yard fumble recovery for a TD.
Hawks lead 14-13
Then right before then end of the first half. Kansas City gets back on the field and score another TD. OMG What happened? Out lead was gone and there is less than a minute on the clock. Seattle couldn’t move the ball so Chiefs lead at the Hawks by six, 14-20.
The second half started and it looked to be all over for the Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs put another TD on the board to lead by 13. Then the Hawks started to rally in the 4th quarter. Putting up 14 more points to come from behind to take the lead by 1 point. OMG, the apartment was going f***’n crazy (Brian, Riley & Mike were over) and we almost lost the bean dip and nacho cheese. The hoot and hollas where sounding off in here but the game wasn’t over.
Hawks lead 21-20
With less then 7 minutes on the play clock the Chiefs, eat up time on their path to another TD. Then what is this? The offense is on the field for a 2-pont conversion. And WTF? They got it!! Ah No! The Seattle Seahawks are going to need a full TD just to tie and send the game into overtime. Now the Hawks start from their own 20-30 yard line, I can’t remember, and couldn’t do anything. Wallace was back in the pocket and threw, ball tipped, Chiefs intercept, $%#@. But What is Branch doing? He stripped the ball back and got two feet in bounds but the official’s ruling on the field was a Chiefs interception. Holmgren doesn’t like the refs call and we don’t either, out flies the red flag.
After review of the play, Branch stripped the ball away from Allen and hand possesion with two feet in bounds, Seahawks football with a first down. By this time, I thought I was having a stroke. Ok 4 more chances but the news wasn’t good. The Hawks turned it over on downs and the Chiefs won 28-35. Crapola!!
The Seattle Seahawks played good football but it was a few big plays, like last wee, that hurt us. But we are missing some of our biggest starters and IMO it is difficult to say the Hawks didn’t play well because they did. Next week,  the Seattle Seahawks play Monday Night Football at home against the Oakland Raiders. Let’s show the nation that we can win and win by a lot!! The road to the playoffs still has to go through Seattle.
And in other news: It looks like I will have to redo my Hawks list. They revamped their website so the URLs don’t work. I’ll get to it soon and I might do them differently. Go check out their changes at

4 thoughts on “Seahawks move to 4-3 with a loss at Arrowhead.

  1. Damn…tough loss today.  You are all beat up, that\’s for sure.  The Colts D are fucking miserable so I don\’t necessarily think we DESERVE 7-0 but they do look phenomenal on Offense (thank god for Peyton). 
    There\’s always next week.

    Hey ya Cutie….
    Happy halloween to ya.
    Here is a Giftie for you=O)
    Catch ya later.

    I\’m glad I stayed Hopeful, cause we actually did pretty
    damn good considering!
    Monday night Football,. at Home,. The Crappy @ssed Raiders,…
    It dont get much better that THAT!!!
    Oakland is HUNGRY for a Win,……. But they\’re Oakland,
    and they TOTALY Suck!!!
    "NOT IN OUR HOUSE – @-HOLES"!!! 🙂
    Plus watching the Pukesberg Squeelers loose
    this weekend just Warms my Heart!!! hehe!
    Have a Great Halloween Toby, and

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