Today has been an alright day. I have my time chillin in my apartment working on my Washington real estate blog while watching football. I put a Hawk post over there today and I will get on the post for this site tomorrow while I am supposed to be working 🙂 The games today were full of upsets and my favorite belongs to the Maimi Dolphins and the Chicago Bears. The undefeated Bears where beat on by the Dolphins at home. Hahha that was too good…I loved it. This could be a precursor to the rest of the Chicago season. The Steelers also got pounded on by the Broncos…I’ll let Boobie know how I feel about that tomorrow morning 🙂 But now I am getting ready to watchun Sday night football with the Indianapolis Colts (7-0) vs New England Patriots (6-1). Go Patriots on this game…I need them to win on my football pool 🙂 No hard feelings Marcie.

7 thoughts on “Sunday

    Hey Toby,..
    I Told ya Bronco Danny Can Predict them!!
    Both his picks were right ( as usual )!!
    Ahhhhhh,…… There\’s nothing like a Win at Home!!
    And WTF was up with that Kick to the Groin,
    That was totally Chicken $hit!!
    Oh Well,…. IN YOUR FACE OAKLAND!!!

    Hiya Cutie Pie =O)
    Did I tell you yet that you are my Male Bloggie of the month?
    Here is Hump Day Wishes For You.

    Big Time Smiles In Your Direction Toby.
    Go Seahawks!!!!!

  3. I was watching the game on Monday and I soooooooooo wanted to be there.  Theres no party in Seattle like the party thats thrown when the Raiders come to town.  And now that party won\’t happen agian for another 8 years 😦

    Hey Toby!
    As a Birthday Present,.. & to let my (Oakland Raider Fan) buddy
    "The Lizard King" know there\’s no hard feelings ON THEIR BEATING,…..
    I Mailed him a 2006 Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt, & a Seahawks Beer Mug!!!
    hehehe!!!  Hey,…. What are friends for??
    Friends dont let Friends wear Oakland gear!!  🙂
    ~ Grinchy ~

    Are ya Thirsty???
    P Boobie recommends some of this:

    (I think it\’s made in Pittsburg)! Hahhahhahahaaa!!!
    ~ Grinchy~

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