Seattle Seahawks school the Oakland Raiders

Seattle Seahawks shut out the Oakland Raiders 16-0 on Monday Night Football.
The first drive for the Raiders ended in a three and out. The Hawks were a totally different story though. Seneca Wallace went 3 for 3, passing for 68 yards and TD. Heck yea, now that is what I am talking about. The drive looked solid and from the passing to the establishment of a running game.
The second drive for the Raiders was a mirror of the first, three and out. The Seattle Seahawks marched down field and go back in the red zone. But a few weird penalties on both teams made for an interesting end to the drive. Josh Brown was called in to boot a field a field goal and the score was 10-0 Hawks.
After this the Hawks really couldn’t muster much and the rest of the game and they were only able to put up two more field goals. Late in the fourth quarter, when the Hawks were on the goal looking to put some more points on the board and after the play was over, #91 of the Raiders did so unbelievable that it was like WTF? Stevens and Britton got into a little shoving match and Britton kneed him in the balls. What the heck is this dude thinking? He can just get away with something like this?  #91 was ejected from the game and I hope he gets penalized but the NFL commission for his unsportsmanlike like conduct.
Moving on, this Monday win marks the Seattle first win in 4 games and puts them in a tie for second place with Atlanta in the NFC Championship race. The Hawks need to really focus to put up another win and keep it going until all our starters are back. Reports are saying that Alexander will be back in the line up this weekend. This will be major improvement to our run game, Morris did a heck of a job on Monday Night, and it should make it harder for people to cover and pass rush Wallace.
This weekend the Hawks play at home against the St. Louis Rams and yours truly will be there, HELLLZ YEAAA!! I’ll take mondo pictures of the craziness and post them here so Until the next time….GO SEAHAWKS!!

4 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks school the Oakland Raiders

  1. Hey Toby,
    Damn, wish I could be there too, Have a Cold one For Me!
    I\’m really looking forward to seeing all your Pic\’s,…. cant wait!!
    I really want to be as overly Optimistic as last monday night, but My Hopes are High.
     * Bronco Dan Sez:
    Hawks will beat the Rams, & Broncos will beat the Raiders!
    (I\’ve learned to Trust his Predictions) 🙂
    Have Fun Buddy!
    ~ Grinchy ~

  2. To be honest Toby, if they coudln\’t beat the Raiders, I would have really  made fun of you.  Glad you got a win…you all needed it. 🙂
    Check out the Big Blue in Indy – 9-0!! 🙂 UNDEFEATED!!  Wowza!!  Now if we can stay alive in the Playoffs!!

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