Seahawks beat Rams 24-22

The Seattle Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams 24-22 with 9 seconds left in the game to take a commanding leading of the NFC West with a record of 6-3.
1st Quarter: The Hawks defense hold the Rams to a three and out and the offense starts to get into a rhythm. With a combination of Mo Mo Morris runs and Wallace passes, the Hawks get into the red zone but a Rams defended gets to Wallace and forces a fumble that is returned for a TD. Aarg the agony. Not to be held our of the end zone, Seattle marches back down field and scores a TD on a short pass to Darrell Jackson.
Score: 7-3
2nd Quarter: The Rams threatened a TD a few times and finally got in a Steven Jackson run and a managed to kick a ball through the uprights. The Hawks needed to make something happen and they did. Moving the football with Mo Mo and a combinations of throws to the receivers, Seneca Wallace was able to get back into the red zone and then hit Jerramy Stevens for a TD pass. Rock on!! With more yells and cheers coming from the fans it was on like donkey kong.
Score: 14-13
3rd Quarter & 4th Quarter: This where the major action happens. The Rams manage to get another field goal and a TD. Instead of going for extra point they opted for a two point conversion. The Rams couldn’t convert but they would get another try due to a penalty, BS. On the second attempt they still couldn’t manage to get in. Heck YEA!! GO SEAHAWKS.
Being down by 8 points the Hawks really had to get going because the third quarter was marked by three and outs for them. The Seahawks held the Rams to another three and out and forced the punt. On the punt return, Nate Burleson returns the punts 90 yard for a touchdown. OMG it was crazy and out of control. Our first punt return of the game comes at the best possible moment. The score is now Ram 22 Seahawks 21.
Down by 1 point the Hawks need a field goal. Using Mo Mo some more Wallace gets the Hawks into field goal position with 9 second lefts on the clock. Who do you call in now? Only the best kicker in the NFL and the guy that has been clutch for the Hawks, Josh “The Leg” Brown. From 36 yards it put its perfectly through the uprights and there is now 5 second left on the clock. After the kick off the Rams try to lateral the ball but end up fumbling and the Hawks win!!
Final Score: 24-22
That is another one for the history books and a massive game to boot. I can talk today from all the screaming but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Goingbigger’s Players of the Game
 – Seneca Wallace
 – Mo Morris
 – Josh Brown
 – Darrell Jackson
 – Nate Burleson
 – Jerramy Stevens
Next Week: The Seattle Seahawks are on a two game winning streak going on the road to a surprising San Francisco 49ers team.
My Prediction: Pain, lots and lots of Pain!

10 thoughts on “Seahawks beat Rams 24-22

    Hey Toby!!
    "WHAT A GAME"!!!
    Oh Man,…. it\’s that "edge if your seat" feeling you get when it\’s that close,..
    Your Lovin\’ it,…. & Hatin\’ it,….. at the Same time!!
    With Something like 1 & 1/2 Min. left,… I looked at Shannon & said: Just Watch,..
    "Seahawks by 2" – Cause here comes Josh Brown BABY!!!
    (He\’s SOOOOO THA\’ MAN!)
    And he didnt let us down!!
    The Text Messages were just Flying in, from Qwest Field (my Nephews)
    and Investco Field in Denver (my Brother)
    It was Crazy here, (not as Crazy as where you were though!)!
    Love the Pictures,….. Ahhhhhh, Good Times!!!
    Bronco Dan Picks em\’ right again!
    (I just wish he would have said "Pittsburg loses") Hahahahahaa!
    Take Care Buddy, & GO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!
    ~ GRINCHY ~

  2. Grinchy…it was crazy business there…i split beer every where when Burleson ran back that punt and Josh Brown is clutch…he is the money man!!

  3. hey gb whats up broncodan here i thought i would come by since i have,nt been here either in awhile or never.  i am glad seattle won and denver won too thank god but i just left a comment on grinchys space saying seattle and denver will need all the help they can get in the coming weeks because everyone wants to make the playoffs and our teams have better records that most teams except the colts god they are good with their 9and 0 record. denevr has already lost to them so i hope seattle will not have to face them.anyway i hope seattle and denver keep winning and make it to the playoffs. well i will let you go so go seahawks and  broncos. catch you later.

  4. Hey Bronco Dan! Nice win of the Raiders and thank goodness the Hawks don\’t face the Colts right now but it looks as if they are loosing their edge. Only a one point difference in their win over the Bills. I don\’t think there will be a problem with our team heading to the playoffs.

  5. I hope they lose it soon i am getting sick of their perfect record and i hope seattle or denver gives them their first defeat. but we have a lot of football to go so we will see anyway go broncos and seahawks. catch ya later.

  6. well my team can come back if they have to besides one point or three points does,nt make any difference just as long as they win and that is the most important thing of all winning no matter how many points it is still a victory and that is what it is all about besides denevr faces seattle next month so get ready to lose. sorry about that but my broncos rule

  7. that is right we do face off against each other @ Denver…good thing we are used to playing in the cold and we are a solid road team 🙂 By that time Hasselbeck and Alexander will be back dominating the football field.

    Quote: My Prediction: Pain, lots and lots of Pain!
    As a matter of fact,
    Seattle has won six in a row over San Francisco, last losing to the Niners on Dec. 1, 2002!!!
    Since then, the hawks have outscored the 49ers 188-91!!! The 49ers though, are looking for their first three-game winning streak since Oct. 27-Nov. 10,
    2002 – the last season they made the playoffs.
    They will Go down in FLAMES!!
    We\’re Superbowl bound baby!!

    Lets Face it, the 49ers just plain suck!
    Their quarterback couldn\’t find his receivers if they had *OnStar installed in their helmets!
    Their coach no longer understands the game,
    and their stadium is consistently ranked among the worst in the league!
    And dont even get me started on the City of San Francisco and/or it\’s residents!
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!"F##K" the 49ers!!     Seahawks #1
    Sorry Toby,…
    I\’m in a Bad mood & just needed to vent.
    (but it\’s all true) : )
    ~ G ~

  10. "Their quarterback couldn\’t find his receivers if they had *OnStar installed in their helmets"
    Now that is funny…your ranting made me laugh my ass off!!

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