Skiing with Chris

Today, Chris and I got up hella early and went skiing. It is only Nov 18 and Stevens Pass is already open. Did I mention it was early? From the first picture in the Skiing with Chris photo album you can tell that I was a tad tired. The drive was spectacular and it was sweet seeing the sun rise over the Cascade Mountains.
The snow wasn’t perfect but the groomers were flat and fast which makes for some great warm up runs especially being the first day and all. After hitting run after run we decided to take a break and grab some water. We got the hair brain idea to head over to the terrain park and see what was happening. We say a guy on skis but a huge 720 and other people were poppin off 360s like the were nothing. Now Goingbigger can’t let everyone else have the fun on the big booter.
So Chris took a video of me bustin my move. Its no 360 but it still is some pretty good air, big air video, 12 sec. Ah the day kicked but and I have a very sore ankle and hip. I crashed and thought I broke a hip but thankfully it was all ok when the pain stopped 🙂
In other news. Goingbigger now has a YouTube site where my videos will all be uploaded in the future. It is pretty sick and its free 🙂

2 thoughts on “Skiing with Chris

     ()"""() ( \'(;)\’ )(,,)=("\’)Hola Tboy darin how are you!Thanx for dropping in luv, and here I am venturing to you in reply to your comments left in my  ~Whats up with tha Dragonesse~ Blog, foras you well know.. º°×°º◦No comment goes unnoticed in my world◦º°×°º◦I am glad you enjoy my daily im message (when I actually get to send them cant really call them daily any more but you know what I mean) I try to just be me.. I dont have a tonne of people in my messanger and those who are there i try to make even just a moment for to say hi.. I wish more people took a moment to tell those inthier lives that they are glad they are there.. but hey… guess more people perfer to remain self involved right … Sking already in the pass .. wow… I know Grouse opened this past week and Whistler this weekend… lets hope that the season is a good one for those who like to ski and that by the time 2010 rolls round mother nature has gotten the memo that wshe needs to dump snow in BC.
    Cheerio luv…
      ( ’o’, )()Hugs()   (_)-(_)  ⓐⓛⓦⓐⓨⓩ ⓑⓔ ⓣⓡⓤⓔ  ⓣⓞ ⓤ ♥Nicci♥ Quote of the Week ღ Great Frindships Last Till the Grave~ GHRIFღ

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