Seahawks lose to the 49ers

If that was a sad showing of football I don’t know what is. The Seahawks couldn’t manage to get on the board in the first half and the two interceptions both lead to San Francisco putting points on the board.
In the first half the Hawks defense was the only thing keeping them in the game. They held the 49ers to 2 TDs and 2 field goals making the score 20-0 at the end of the first half. Down by 20 always sucks but it is still within striking distance of the offense if and if and only if the offense can move the football and get on the board.
During halftime, it is my guess that Holmgren let the team have it. The penalties and the turnovers is what killed us in the first half and that allowed the 49ers to control the time of possession. It was plain ugly, ugly, ugly…oh did I mention it was ugly?
Whatever Holmgren said to the guys during the half must have worked because they came out moving the football (getting first downs) and getting into the endzone bring the score to 20-14. It looked like a comeback was in order and the Hawks would come out of this with another W. Newp…that didn’t happen.
I don’t like typing the word “turnover” when referring to Hawks football but that is the story of the game. In the closing minutes the Seahawks were going for it on 4th down to keep their hopes alive. On a 4th and 2 the go to the MVP, Shaun Alexander, and he was stuffed for no gain. Ugh…that looked to be the end of it.
But wait…the 49ers turned it over and it was Hawks football with jus tover 2 minutes on the clock. This could be it…they just might do it. Newp…Wallace threw his 3rd interception at the end of the game. Ok now it is over…the 49ers will just down out the game.
What is this? They are going for the endzone, the infamous nail in the coffin. Once again the defense kept us in the game by forcing San Francisco to go for a field goal. Ok now the game is really over.
They miss, OMFG, they miss…it is Seahawks football with enough time on the clock but no timeouts remaining. Wallace is going to the air looking for the bomb but every pass is off target and the only pass he manage to throw good hit Mack Strong for a gain of 8. Strong tried to do the lateral comeback amazing play but with no avail.
The Seattle Seahawks loose 20-14 to make their record 6-4. Now they have just a once game lead over the San Francisco 49ers that move to 5-5. Ugh the agony…
We have to start playing better if we are going to be a contender in the playoffs. Right now we are squeaking out wins and loosing games we should be winning. Next week the Seattle Seahawks get their second shot at a Monday night game when we host the Green Bay Packers.
I am going to try and get their early so I can get a shot of Bret Farve. It could be his last season and the last time he is ever in Seattle so it will be a great game to go watch. Well that is all for this edition of Hawks football.

6 thoughts on “Seahawks lose to the 49ers

  1. Yepper they were fighting!
    Or…possibly playing.
    I see them messing around with each other all the time!
    Maybe they are in love…lol~

  2. HEY! It\’s been awhile eh? I was boycotting spaces lol.. It seems to be working better now though.. *crosses fingers*
    I\’ve told you before.. so not a sports fan…so no comment on this lol

    WTF was THAT??
    It was like they all just got back from a Funeral!
    I just didnt see em\’ Pumped up & excited like usual!
    T\’was a sad-sad Game!!
    The only week I dont get a Prediction from Danny, & both our teams lose!
    Seattle looses – Us
    Denver looses – Dan
    Oakland looses – Lizard king (hahahahahahaa Oakland)!
    Pittsburg WINS?
    what\’s up with THAT???
    PB finally gets her week of IN YOUR FACE Glory. 😦
    Oh well, it aint over!!
    SEAHAWKS & BRONCOS Superbowl !!
    ~ Grinchy ~

    Hey Toby-!!
    I wouldnt be much of a Friend if I didnt say

    That I wanted to stop by & Wish you & yours a Happy Turkey Day!!
    Here\’s a little Prezzie for ya!

    Eat & Drink Lots & have a Great Day!!
    Your Demented Green Pal,
    ~ GRINCHY ~

    Naw,… its my fault I didnt ask him,….
    Supersticious, maybe,…. but Danny\’s like my good luck charm. 🙂
    HOWEVER, I did ask him yesterday & got THIS:
    QUOTE: Monday Green Bay hasnt got a snowball\’s chance in Hell of winning! 
    Seattle will kill the Packers to no end.
    Go Seattle and Denver!
    I\’m feeling better already, but still kinda pissed we wont get Hesselbeck back
    till the game against the Bronco\’s on the 3rd @ Investco Field.
    Taker\’ easy Toby!
    ~ Grinchy ~

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