Seahawks beat Packers 34-24 in the snow

I took yesturday off work, today as well, to meet up with Lauren and Carrie in Seattle (I met them Friday) before they jumped on their flight back home to Florida. We spent some time at the EMP and Pike Place but the time came all to soon and they had to leave me. So what did I do? I went to the Monday Night Football game.
Monday Night Football was a game for the record books and ironic at the same time. The Green Bay Packers fly to the Great Northwest and have the very first snow game at Quest Field where the Seattle Seahawks showed the old pro (Bret Favre) who else can play in the snow.
When I arrived the snow clouds were just starting to approach the stadium and by the coin toss the snow was really coming down. The Hawks won the coin toss and elected to recieve but on the second play of the game Hasselbeck (first game back since a knee injury) threw the ball into the face mask of a defending sending the ball sky ward. It was intercepted and now the Packers had the ball on the 20 some yard line. Not good for us and being so early in the game.
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Favre made good on the turnover by getting the Packers into the endzone for 6 points and after the point after it was 0-7 Packers. With more than 11 minutes left in the first quarter things were just not going our way early on in this Monday Night matchup. Burleson got another great run back and the Hawks now a chance to get some points. Now it was time for the Alexander show.
Shaun starting touching the ball like crazy and was able to move the football as well as the chains. Seattle pushed into Green Bay territory but once again Hasselbeck was picked off. Now I was like: is the whole game going to be like this?
Green Bay now had the ball and moved down field but ending up having to punt. The Seattle defense was totally keeping us in the hunt as well as Josh "Mr. Clutch" Brown. At one point the Packers attempted a field goal but that bad boy was BLOCKED and the Pack was denied but by the end of the first half they did manage to put up another 7 from a fumble-to-recovery-touchdown. Brown put up 4 field goals in the first half to make the score 12-14 Packers.
At the half way mark Shaun Alexander had rushed for a smasking 106 yards. Jackpot!! #37 is back in full affect and is wreaking havoc!!
With the snow still coming down we all hoped for more effeciency from Hasselbeck (He is the Man though) and effeciency is what the fans recieved. The second half was a totally different picture and passes were being completed and we were getting into the endzone. The Pack managed to get another TD but the Hawks answered back with 2 TDs and a 2 point coverstion to take the lead 27-21. But this was not the end of the second half point run by Seattle.
Another TD was in ordered and delivered by the Hawks and the Packers only managed to get a field goal, hahaha. The score is now 34-24 Seattle. I am loving it.
Then the Packers have the ball and what do they do? Use all their timeouts with over 3 minutes left in the game. Why would they do that? Don’t know but I like it!! With the clock winding down and Favre looking for the endzone he managed to throw 2 more interceptions to seal their fait and lose at Quest Field in the first ever snow game! Mark that in the history books!
Game Stats
Shaun Alexander – 201 yrds, 40 carries *franchise record
Matt Hasselbeck – 17/36, 157 yrds, 3 TDs, 3 INT
Josh Brown – 4/4, 2xp, 14 points, 45yrd long
DJ Hacket – 1 TD
Darrel Jackson – 1 TD
Jerramy Stevens – 1 TD

7 thoughts on “Seahawks beat Packers 34-24 in the snow

  1. hey guys what,s up brocnodan here i was told about your pics by grinchy and they are awesome. man you guys are so lucky you got to go to that game last night i would give anything in the world to have been there snow and all i do,n t care bring it on. anyway i was wandering if i could use some of your pics on my broncos space. please let me know. oh yeah come over to my broncos space and check out my new blog about the packers it is awesome. well i will let you go so take care and i will check you later go broncos and seahawks superbowl 07    

    Holy Crap Toby,…..
    The Prediction I\’ve been DREADING is here,
    Bronco Dan the Prediction Man sez:
    Lets hope he\’s wrong, gonna be a Great game anyway!
    My 2 Favorite teams face to Face!!!
    ~GRINCHY ~

  3. I can,t tell if you want the image or if you want me to center it. please let me know if you want it it si yours anyway seattle is going down.i do,nt know if my prediction is going to come true but anyway denver will kill seattle i will check you later go broncos

    The Grinch says: Tis\’ the Season,…. To Let the Xmas Mayhem Begin!!  "BAH HUMBUG" December  is MY month! I\’m Stealing your Christmas if you dont come by my Space and say Hi!!(hey I\’m the Grinch,…. That\’s what I do!) hehehe! ~ GRINCHY\’S GONE WILD ~

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