Seahawks beat the Broncos 23-20

What a stress fest Sunday Night’s game was. Between the turnovers, both teams, and all the punting I wasn’t sure if any points where going to be put on the board.
The opening half was a wild one with the Broncos scoring first with a field goal and a TD. Being down 0-10 it didn’t look good for the Seahawks because moving the football was difficult with the quality defense Denver was showing. But late in the first half Cutler made a rookie mistake, instead of taking the sack he tried to force the football and it went right into a Seattle defender arms resulting in a defensive touchdown.
Like the Bears, the Seahawks defense was keeping us alive. When the half ended it seemed that the Hawks would have to find some serious rhythm in order to score an offensive TD. Out of the locker room they came with rhythm in full stride and first downs were common place, thank goodness.
Hasselbeck managed to connect to Darrell Jackson for a few long passes and the defense produced more turnovers to get the Hawks into their first lead of the game with a passing TD from Hasselbeck. On the kick off, Josh Brown came in and gave a boot and on the return, Kelly Jennings got the strip and Brown laid a hit on the kick off return that would make any linebacker proud (Our kicker is so much badder than yours).  But that is not the end of the drama, no no, far from it.
With Josh Brown missing to first half field goals, very uncharacteristic of him, 40, 53 yrd, he put two through the uprights after a Hasselbeck passing TD. With the score being 20-13 with 3:30 left in the 4th quarter and Denver have no time-outs it looked as if it was in the bag. Wrong-O
Cutler connected on a 68 yrd pass that was taken to the house. On that play there was 5 missed tackles that lead to the TD. It is now 20-20 with less that 2 minutes on the clock and it Seahawks football.
By now the bald spot was showing on the melon because I was ripping my hair out! Holy Cow! How with this one end?
Hasselbeck starts the final drive of the game from their own 20 after a holding penalty on the kick off. Ok this is manageable we can drive this to the house, plenty of time on the clock. Hasselbeck makes a few great passes to move the Hawks down field and within striking distance of the end zone but Coach has a different game plan.
When the Hawks get into field goal range they bring out Josh “Mr. Clutch” Brown and with the game on the line he nails a perfect kick to give the Hawks the lead of 23-20 with 5 seconds left on the clock.
After the kick off, Denver went for the lateral play but with no avail. Denver turns it over and the Hawks recover with zero time left on the clock. Seahawks win at Mile High Stadium in a gut wrenching 23-20 upset!
The Hawks move to 8-4 and are currently in second place in the NFC. Tonight will be a show stopper with the Dallas Cowboys (7-4) take on the New Orleans Saints (7-4) in a NFC second place scramble. It will be a good game and I can’t wait to watch.
Hope your team did well this week and before this ends I got to give a shout out to Bronco Danny for a well played game!! Sry Bro!!
Next week we continue our road trip when we face off against Arizona Cardinals and Matt Leinart.

2 thoughts on “Seahawks beat the Broncos 23-20

    Hey Toby!
    Geeez,…. The first half was so uneventful, we were trying but Denvers Defence was
    as usual,….. Freakin\’ AWESOME!!
    Then when Denver got the ball, same thing, we\’d hold Denver back, it was kinda Boring
    yet really stressfull!
    I told Shannon, We just cant seem to run past Denvers defence, we need to start passing
    the ball.
    Then we started doing just that!
    Seattle passes – BOOM 1st. Down, Seattle – BOOM 1st. Down, Seattle – BOOM 1st. Down,
    It was setting itself up for Josh brown to kick it, I could see that & BOOM
    It ended up being a Great game! ( thank you Josh, your my Hero! )
    And as for their new QB,…. Poor kid definetly got his Baptisimal of Fire!
    Was it me, or did I see him crying?
    He needs some work but will be OK. ( he\’s no Plummer or Hasselbeck though )!
    3 Cheers for The Denver Broncos on a Great Game!
    ~ Grinchy ~

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