Pregame against the Cards

This weekend the Hawks are on the road again facing the Cardinals. It is a must win to keep building our lead in the NFC. The Hawks need to carry the momentum into the game that they had at the end of the Sunday Night Denver game. My mom and her boyfriend flew to AZ for the game to represent the Blue & Green!!
If the Hawks win this game they move to 9-4 and have a comanding lead in the NFC and a great shot at home field advantage for the palyoffs. Another big game this week is the Dallas vs Saints game. They are both tied with the Hawks at 8-4 so this is a desisive game for the NFC. After this week there will be either one or two teams tied for 2nd in the NFC and I sure hope the Bears loose. Their defense can’t keep winning their games. My prediction of the Bears is really starting to come through, Rex will be the downfall the team.
The Hawks are going to rule the roost in AZ and bludgeon the Cards to death and then feast on their carcasus!! But to do that the Hawks have to stop the run game (our week point all season) and they have a great running back that is waiting to have a huge game, Edgerrin James. AZ has weapons in the recieving core as well like Fitzgerald and a great rookie quarterback Leinart. Even I don’t the Cards I do like Leinart.
I have been saying it all year, we need to pressure the quarterback to force bad decisions and create turnovers. But it seems that later part of the year we have been having trouble doing that. Last week we forced tons of turnovers all over the field and we need to do it again while getting our offense into the end zone. That way we can have a great football game and show the NFC that the Hawks paly Superbowl football!!
Goingbigger’s Prediction: Pain, lots and lots of Pain!!

2 thoughts on “Pregame against the Cards

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