Today, after my power turned on I noticed I had been meme’d by an ActiveRainer Toby Boyce. Jay Thompson started the event for members of the ActiveRain community and what the heck it sounded kind of fun and thought that it would make for a great post on my MSN Space. So here goes nothing ūüôā
Topic: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me
  1. I believe in Aliens – I have had a over curious mind for extraterrestrial life ever since I had an experience when I was 15 years old. It has become a quest of mine to find an answer to a question that many have pondered, written about, seen and experience since that day.
  2. I believe that I am completly different from everyone else – Growing up I have noticed my thought process and ideas that have come to my head are not what “normal people” think of.¬†The quest for¬†knowledge and theories consume my head¬†which¬†makes it¬†difficult to turn it off.
  3. I used to compete РWhen I was younger I competed in Karate and was a Junior Olympian in Kata taking 6th place (6th medaled) in St. Petersburg Florida. After that I competed with my dirt bike while racing in Harescramblers and Desert Events taking a few trophies with one being a 1st place in a 24hr team event.
  4. I cry during movies –¬† Contrary to popular belief I am not a tough guy. I used to hide it but then I quit caring with others think and let it all go during a movie. If a movie is heartfelt and touches something personal I let it all and tears will stream down my face. The cool thing is that it feels so good and refreshing when it happens.
  5. I used to hate to write – Back in high school and college there was nothing more paining then writing a paper or essay because I was horrible at writing. My ambition for blogging started and grew from wanting to improve my writing for myself.

Wow that was harder than I thought and can’t believe I shared #1. It was fun to do this even if for my own exercise in writing and who knows it might happen again ūüôā


One thought on “Memed

  1. Dude….YOU lost to two shitty teams?¬† Uh…have you been paying attention to the Colts?¬† Back to back away losses to the TITANS and JAGS??¬† Are you f-ing kidding me.¬† We can\’t even seal up our division but at least expectations are down…GO BLUE!!¬† It\’s gonna bea¬† good one tonight!

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