Goingbigger Exploration, Inc

I have been getting excited about my progress with my SETI Team and the statistics that my two computers are putting up. My power is partially out due to a big we had last Wednesday so I am down to one computer for the time being. I did a post a while back asking for people to join my team with hopes to recruit a few people from MSN Spaces. If you are interested please let me know or go to My Team and register. It is fun and easy and doesn’t require much from members. If you join the team everyone will recieve a link from the site to there site, a small incentive 🙂 Hope to see people there and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Goingbigger Exploration, Inc

    Hey Toby-!!
    Got power & Phone back tonight,… YAY!!!
    What a mess our place is, Trees down everywhere!!
    Hope you made out OK! 🙂
    I Used a transistor radio to listen to Denver KILL the Cardinals on sunday!!
    Coach Holmgren was just on TV tonight & said he\’s taking Blame for all the bad calls made
    at Thursdays game.
    (BTW, our power went out here 10 min. after game ended) WHEW!!
    The Hawks better get their $#it together on sunday or else!!
    taker\’ easy buddy & GO SEAHAWKS!!
    ~ GRINCHY ~

    Hiya Toby….=O)

    Sorry about this Generic letter.
    Just trying to get caught up!
    We did make it through the storm and are well.
    I never heard anything like it!
    It pounded us all night for hours!
    Stacy and I were snuggled together in our bedroom, while Grinchy stood night watch.
    Needless to say we didn\’t sleep until it was over.
    The noise was un believable!!!!
    You could hear branches and also sand from the beach blasting the cabin.
    Grinchy always takes good care of us girls and we were in good hands.
    We were without power.
    Then the power came on but no phone!
    So No DSL!
    I kept the phone on speaker so we could hear when it had a dial tone.
    We did get a new PC.
    I forgot what it was like to be able get around spaces….lol
    Its so easy now!
    No freezing!
    Here is a giftie for ya …

    Big Time Hugs to ya sweets.
    Happy holidays…

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