Work Overload

Blogging has become a way of life for me over the past two years and from it I have met many awesome people. This blog was my first one and since then I have expanded to create a local real estate blog, two MySpace blogs and two YouTube Vlogs (though it is used more for fun videos and local media content than Vlogging).
My real estate blog is on a network that is geo targeted so it is easy to meet others in my state that posses a similar interest in technology and blogging. This last Tuesday I arranged an off site meeting for members of the network. We stayed up to late talking about tech and socially networking which was so much fun and interesting; it was a geek night out.
I really like working on the web anymore because it shows results in real time (well almost) and it can strategies can be measured with tracking for months. But lately my mind seems to be stretched thin and ideas are harder and harder to come by. I hope there is not such thing as exhausting brain ideas or there is a limited amount otherwise I’m toast and soon will be seen on the net dead in front of a pc.
Toby Barnett: Death by blogging
He worked so hard and for extensive periods of time that it ultimately lead to catastrophic failure.
Now that would suck if that really happened! But anyhoo I am off to go work on something…what it is I have no idea…yet…
Peace and love…BTW…I finally have a girlfriend!!

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