Transformers the Movie

Today I was breezing though YouTube and I came across something that was awesome: Transformers the Movie Trailer. Being a huge Optimus Prime fan this movie is going to kick some serious ass!! I love action, sci-fi, blow shit up movies and this one is just going to be over the top. I have another video on my YouTube site that was made by 3dBlastphemy and it is of another Optimus Prime. It is a flat nose semi truck and being a serious truck guy this totally gets me fired up. TRUCKS RULE!!!
This should be the most anticpated movie of the summer and probably the most watched. All comic book and action figure people from the 80’s are going to so be watching it and I’ll probably go see it twice then buy the movie when it hits dvd. So far I have visited the Transformers Website (it takes a while to load since it is done in flash or something) and have been downloading wallpapers for my computer and this is my favorite right now, Flat Nose Optimus Prime.
Ah I can’t wait but I better going and clean my place since I am going to hit a matinee with my girlfriend…peace out!

6 thoughts on “Transformers the Movie

    Damn, What a Game!
    I thought for sure we had em\’ beat, what a F##K up on our part!!
    However, we did play a good game so I\’m not bitchin\’ at all, just disapointed is all.
    We had great seats & my "Grinch Mask" & Santa hat kept me warm, but I got stuck
    sitting next to 2 Chargers fans that i wanted to BEAT! LOL!!
    I bought Shannon a Seahawks santa hat & Stacy some Seahawks earings for xmas too!
    Take care buddy & LETS GO SEAHAWKS!!!
    ~ GRINCHY ~

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