Mt Hood

Today my buddy Chris, his wife, Lindsey, are leaving for Mt Hood, Oregon to go tear it up and ride are brains out! It is going to be a fun few days and something that is highly needed because right now work is driving me crazy to all get out. I did another post on my ActiveRain blog that is a little better than this but I needed to get some points over there.
The snow is falling and Goingbigger is ready for the action and my friends need to show up so we can get the heck out of here pronto. This will be only the second time I have gotten to go up to the mountains for some good fun and the first time is when Chris and I went to Stevens Pass in November.
My gear is packed, including my brain buckett, can’t leave home with out that one. But one thing that bums me is that all the helmet cams sold out during Christmas so I didn’t get the only thing I asked for 😦 My buddy Chris bought his in earlier December so he will have his but it isnt the same though. I’ll bring my tablet so we can suck footage off the camera as we fill it up and then on Friday night we may relax and put the movie together before we head back.
I’ll post a video on my YouTube site after the trip and probably make a post here in case anyone else would like to see it. Well Chris just called so I am OUTTA HEREEEEEEEE!!

2 thoughts on “Mt Hood

  1.    – ¦:-  _[_]_   -:¦:-           (* *)         `–(  : )–\’ Hola Toby          (   :  )        ""`-…-\’"" I am terribly sorry for the delay on getting around with holiday wishes, but family came first, as it should and yesterday was the first time I was able to sit down at my computer to create anything and now I have a bit of time to get back to all Sounds to me like it will be a blast for you.. especially since youve been so busy as of late and home bound… stir crazy cabin fever for sure… i hope you guys have a great time… and holy bejeezus how many sites do you have now .. my goodness…. Hope to hear all about your adventures when you get back its been ages since weve shot the cyberBS …Thank you for you warm wishes left in my **Just Blah Blah Blah**  I can only wish you and yours the same…I hope you got all you wished for this holiday season and that you have taken time to share in a trip down memory lane with those you love and cherish.  
    I wish you a wonderful New Year and hope  2007 brings you peace in heart and home alongside prosperity in life.I thank you for sharing a part of your life with me and the blog world, as every person we meet in our journey enriches our life in one way or another and I can  only look forward to what new things are shared and learnt in 2007.
    Dragonesses Holiday Greeting

                         *.                    *,*                   *,,,*.                 *,,,,,,*        *-*-*-* ,,,,,,,,,,*-*-*-*        *,,,,,,,,(.)””(.),,,,,,,,*        Wishing           *,,,,,,( ’o’, ),,,,,,*       you and yours             *,,, ()! !(),,,,,*      Seasons Greetings         *,,,,,,,(_)-(_),,,,,*         *-*-*-* ,,,,,,,,,*-*-*-*       May 2006                  *,,,,,,*            be Remembered                   *,,,*          in Giggles and Cheer                    *,*
    ⓐⓛⓦⓐⓨⓩ  ⓑⓔ ⓣⓡⓤⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓤ ♥Nicci♥

  2. Hey there.Jack right?? hope you have a wonderful tearing down those mountains like you so nicely put it. as for me im going to sit home and watch some dvds and have some chocolate and ofcourse pastries. no doubt of that. bye then

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