Christmas and New Years

These past two weeks have been just a riot with all the activities, family events and traveling so where should I start? How about Christmas.
Christmas Eve came really quick for me especially since I have been looking forward to going to the Seahawks and Chargers game all year. Mike picked me up at 9am and we made our way to Seattle for some free parking and to meet up with friends prior to the game; Brian, Brad, Andy, Rudy and Khallie. We grubbed and got down on some nachos then it was time to head into the game.
The first half was a defensive game with the Seahawks and Chargers both punting the football back and forth. It made it a quite game but that kept the Seahawks in the game until points could be put on the board. It took awhile and eventually the Seahawks got into the end zone twice and even added a field goal to the score. But sad to say it wasn’t enough to win because in the last minute of the game the Chargers got caught a deep pass for a TD to make the score 20-17. Ouch, the third straight loss for the Seahawks but the good news is that the 49ers lost so we clinched our division and are playoff bound.
Mom and I had Christmas Eve dinner when we both got back form the game and then relaxed the rest of the evening just talking by ourselves in the living room. Christmas morning it was just us again but we had some morning coffee while we opened presents. I scored some much needed cloths, 7 Diamonds shirt and pants, a sweater, socks and underwear (good thing some of mine need to be retired). Then it was off to my dads house for more food and family.
Dad and I had some breakfast then commenced to cooking for the big dinner at three. The menu was Prime Rib that was cooked on a rotisserie, 7 live Main lobsters dad had flown in, yams, beans, rolls and broccoli with cheese. We gorged our faces and tummies so much that it was difficult to get up from the table but we did and off to the living room for some presents.
Dad hooked me up with a 22 inch widescreen monitor for my computer which is just the sickest thing to work on. Now I just need to get a faster computer so I can maximize the gaming potential of that machine. It is so much nicer on my eyes for those long work nights and I can totally see it from my bed for those late night DVDs. Dad kick ass!
Then I took a few days off work to get my place in order for my ski vacation to Mount Hood, Oregon with Chris, Lindsey and I. It was fantastic and this blog is coming to you from the car on the way home (I’ll publish when I get in a few hours).  We spent most of our time in the terrain park where I busted out some very large air. Chris was using his helmet cam to film me but being the first time using it the camera wasn’t situated perfect so it caught only my feet on the approaches and landings, nothing in between. It is a bummer because I caught some huge air pulling a big x-up with a tail grab on back to back booters. Chris and I road the park all day and had a great time.
After getting back to the hotel Chris, Lindsey and I got cleaned up and headed out on the town for some dinner at the Macaroni Gill. Dinner was awesome but after such a long day of skiing we went back to the hotel to rest our sore bodies.
We left this morning and currently bombing down the freeway just north of Tacoma Washington. The drive isn’t too bad and traffic is light which makes driving so much easier than normal around here.
Tonight Chris, Lindsey and I are all going downtown Kirkland to meet up with my new girl friend Jyll, AceJacks and a host of other friends for some good conversation and pool. I haven shot pool in ages but it is a great reason to get my stick out and play shark all night 🙂
Wow that took awhile to get out there and one of my longest blogs in a long time. I thought about breaking it up in a few sections but as a catch up it works real well all blended together.
Until next time this is Goinbigger signing off…

4 thoughts on “Christmas and New Years

    Hiya Toby,
    Stop by and say hello…
    I miss ya…

    _____0___o__o_o__0_0__o___o__0____0_o___o___o__0_0___o___o__0____00o0000o00o0o0_0o00o00oo0oo0___o00o0o00000o000_00o0o00o0o00o0___00000o000o000o0_000o000o0000o0___0o00oo00o0o00o0__0000o0o0o00o00___0o0o00000o00o0___000o0o0o0o0o00____0o0o0000o0o0_____000o0o00o00o0_____0000o0000________00o000o0000______0000000___________000000000________00________________000000_______00___________________000______00______________________00_____00________________________00____00__________________________00_ 000000         HAPPY NEW YEAR       000000  
    Big Time Hugs In Your Direction….

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    IT\’S GO TIME!!!
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    ~ GRINCHY ~

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