Seahawks host the Dallas Cowboys

Saturday evening the Seattle Seahawks host the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the NFC Playoff race. The game is going to be good and the Seattle Seahawks are going to have to highly aware of the long ball and Romo is definitely capable of passing down the field. The injury report shows Trufant as doubtful and last time I knew that Herndon is out for a broken ankle but that isn’t on the report.
If the Seattle Seahawks can stop the deep ball then they have an excellent chance at beating down the Dallas Cowboys. The defense has been doing extremely well against the run game so there should be no problem stopping Jones. If Dallas can never get a run game going and the Seattle Seahawks bring constant pressure then Romo will never be able to get comfortable in the pocket and make anything happen.
Winning this game would be huge and give the Seattle Seahawks a lot of confidence going into face the Chicago Bears. The good thing is that they have been down this road last year and most of the team is the same that was here last year. That plays a pivotal role in how a team will perform under the pressure of the playoffs.
My friends and I are planning on getting to Seattle around noonish to get are pre-funk on and have some serious fun. So far the palns is to bring a TV and watch the Indianapolis game prior to going into Quest Field and having some cream cheese dogs and load up on gut bomb food.
I will be posting photos in the photo album after the game so come back and check them out! I love taking pictures of the games and my friends…cheers to the digital camera. Well gotta run and a full recap will be posted here after the game as well.

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