Blogging and Life

Does having a relationship with someone that can read your blogs change your blogging style? For it has. Before I used to blog fairly openly about my love life and where I was personally but now it seems to have changed.
In the past I shared about dates and how they went without fear if something I wrote would come back to haunt me. Most of the dates I went on I shared very little about my online activities and what my blogs/websites were so information couldn’t be used against me (just my way of thinking).
But now I am in a relationship I find myself not sharing my thoughts about how it is going and how I am feeling towards this girl. Why? Probably because I know she reads them and another big reason is these feelings are better shared in person, IMO. That sounds great but I have a hard time communicating in person sometimes for some odd reason.
Blogging is supposed to an open heart kind of project, IMO, and journaling my history has been so much fun but it having a girlfriend going to change what I do? Probably ? Anyone who is in relationship would probably agree with that. I am going to make my best effort and try not to change my blogging style and keep this an open heart site.
On another note I have been working on this site to further refine what it is like. With MSN Spaces Team adding new modules all the time it gives more opportunity to personalize the page. I have noticed many people using them but also the pages take forever to load and still sometimes freeze. It is a real pain in the butt when visiting friends Spaces that comments can’t be left due the page trading out.
So I don’t think any new modules are going to be placed except for maybe more Sandboxes or Soapboxes, whatever the hell they are called now. My friends lists needs another update and I am going to include friends from around the web now instead of just MSN Spaces friends. There will be my girlfriend, of course, my MySpace friends, MSN Spaces friends, ActiveRain friends and other friends I have made through blogging.
It will take me sometime since there is so much going on in my life right now and I am having trouble finding the time for it all. But putting one foot in front of the other I can’t go wrong.
Well I gotta run and get some work done today…have fun everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Blogging and Life

  1. Hey Toby,
    If you have a hard time communicating feelings in person write them in your blog, or maybe in a personal letter to her. Have her read your feelings, at least the ones you have a hard time talking about. Its the thought that counts and making your feelings known in whatever way you can is a very admirable trait! I\’m sure you\’ll do just fine! 😉

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