Seattle Travels to Chicago

I just got done reading Matt Hasselbeck’s blog, via the rss feed, and am totally happy that he updated. The game this week is a huge one for Seattle and Matt is optimistic.
"I sense a great attitude this week as we prepare for a game few expect us to win." That is what I like to hear about Seattle, that there is a harmony with the team in the face of adversity traveling on the road. The hositle environment that is Soldier Field will be un friendly but Seattle has had time, the whole season, to better understand this oppenent and find their weaknesses.
In my opinion their weakness lies in Rex Grossman because of his ability to throw many interceptions during one game. The turnovers will decide this game but only if Seattle can capitalize on them multiple times.
If Seattle is going to win it is going to take getting in the end zone very early in the game and maintain a lead going into the half. This will help break down Rex’s confidence and force him to make bad decisions. I like watching Rex make bad decesions…well the game is at 10am and I will so be watching!!

3 thoughts on “Seattle Travels to Chicago

    Hey Toby!
    I cant freakin\’ Stand it!!
    We\’re hours away from the game & my Nerves are already rattling!!
    Chicago is bad ass,…. but their not the same team that beat us last time!
    They\’ve had their share of problems too, & we CAN exploit those weaknesses!!
    Ear plugs are gonna be MANDATORY around my house Cause i\’m gonna be
    doing alot of yelling, things like: 
    and My Daughters personal favorite scream: "IN – YOUR – FACE"!!
    Gonna be a great Game! 🙂
    ~ Grinchy ~

  2. That was a great game but when it came down to it we couldn\’t get into field goal range and seal the deal 😦
    Maybe next year!

    Hey toby!
    Well, we did yell all those things, just like I said anyway! LOL!!
    The Seahawks are gonna come back Stronger than ever, and we will
    DESTROY anyone that gets in our way!!
    ~ Grinchy ~
    Hawk fan for Life

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