New Girlfriend

Back in November I started seeing a very nice gal Just Jyll when out with friends in Kirkland. Since then we have spent a lot of time together starting with getting my Christmas tree, I snapped a picture of White Horse that day, and going out on my dad’s boat for the Everett Yacht Club’s Lighted Boat Parade. It has definitely been a new experience because my daily life has changed from just doing whatever I want to asking Jyll what she wants to do. Having a girlfriend also means that I am not able to spend a zillion hours on the internet (which is a good and bad thing).
The internet has raised some particular items with our relationship mainly because I haven’t read her blogs and want to work on one of my many websites. The only time that I usually find to be on the net for personal reason is on this site and not on MySpace reading surveys. I’m not one for taking the time to read surveys, answer them and make comments…I never did them on MSN Spaces when people would tag me. The only that I ever did came from my real estate blog and I posted here because it was only five questions, my meme. It is hard for me to justify spending time on that type of stuff when there is so much, IMO, business stuff to be done on the web.
Besides that little difference everything seems to be going pretty well but for the web difference. Last night we met up for dinner after I got out of a late listing appointment with my mom. We met up in downtown Kirkland at Zeeks Pizza and got our grub on.
What is interesting is that Jyll and I have so much in common, same pizza is canadian bacon, pineapple and fresh tomatoes and we both love corndogs. We think similarly and have same common interests like reading though are reading material is quite a bit different. She likes mysteries, thrillers and romances where as I like fiction and fantasy but at least it is a common interest. I am having a great time and enjoying every minute of it and hopefully it stays that way.
Well that is it for me today…this is Toby sign off…

6 thoughts on “New Girlfriend

  1. Warning !!!  Warning !!! Will Robinson
    \’Doomsday Clock\’ Now Reads 5 min. to Apocalypse.
    ParanoidX2…. Because I twice as paranoid as your average Joe.

  2. i hope it comes down to the saints vs new england because i think that would be a great game. but i think new orleans is destined to win because after what louisiana has been through with the hurricane and the way our government has treated new orleans they shoud win and i hope they do go saints . well i will let you go see you after the games.

  3. Well hello there
    Thank you for dropping by my space… yes it is a little different…lol…
    I hope you found your way around ok…. as l have set it out my own way… well l guess you saw that..
    I enjoyed my visit here…. had a good read…. so thank you for sharing a part of you..
    Well you have a wonderful day there…
    Take care
    Love and Hugs

  4. Hey there..
    Thanks for the compliment on our space, UnSexy Thoughts.  However, seeing as it is a two person job keeping it up and running and I know we don\’t know each other very well (or at all, in fact), I\’m just going to be very attention whore-y and let you know that Nicci is not the only person who works on it.  Yes, the layout screams "NICCI!!", but I\’m a big part of it as well.
    I do hope you come back though, as there are definitely going to be some interesting times ahead.

  5. Toby!
       What\’s up man!
    Yeah, were outta the playoffs. No comment. Moving right along……..
    So you got a girlfriend? Hahaha,…right on…. That will keep ya out of trouble….maybe…
    Hope the new year brings you much success. Are real estate prices still holding/climbing around here?
    Just got back from Utah/Vegas. Only lost $30.00 bucks! Heh heh heh…. Going back to Vegas in March to get it back 😉

    Geeez, was really hoping the Saints would win, but I was even more amazed that the Colts
    beat NE !!
    Sometimes events can change so fast.
    Well even though I\’m not a Colts fan, I\’ll be Rooting for them "Just because I HATE the Bears"!!
    So,… Well,…… here goes,…. Gulp,….    "GO COLTS"!!
    Good luck with the new Girlfriend Toby!
    BTW, there\’s nothing more Sexy than watching a Girl Eating & Enjoying a Corndog!!
    (Sorry buddy, I\’m just a perv, you know) 😉
    Taker easy Toby & GO SEAHAWKS \’08
    ~ GRINCHY ~

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