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Las Vegas Real Estate – Jacqulyn Richey
The first thing I noticed that her website ranks #2 on Google for Las Vegas real estate which is very impressive since that is a highly competitive market and key phrase. Jacqulyn is a licensed agent for Prudential and is one of the most successful real estate agents in the Las Vegas area. From her website I have that she has a affinity for multiple types of properties; ranging from condos and lofts to gated and non gated residential communities.
Looking over her website there is large amounts of information on the various communities like Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City and Green Valley. Most of these community are not what most Washingtonians think about when the name Las Vegas is mentioned. But real estate in Las Vegas is not limited to the strip and Jacqulyn’s website is a testament to the richness and diversity of the "City that never sleeps".
The Most Impressive Attributes
  • Large Amounts of information
  • Organization from page to page
  • Color scheme is easy on the eyes

This is a great real estate website that is packed with information for anyone interested in Las Vegas real estate.


One thought on “Site Reviews

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