My brain is melting

These past two weeks work has been crazy busy and it is a welcomed change from Sept (it was slower than hell). I have been working on our marketing and now have created more website than I really know what to do with. It is a good thing though because of all the links it creates but sometimes it feels like a obligtory burdedeon that can’t be broken away from. I don’t feel that with this Space since it is my first blog site and it is my own haven to do what ever I want with.
There are days though that I find it hard to even write or talk since I feel that day in and day out I have to come up with creative and innovative ideas. These all seem to tax my mind and make it hard to complete intellectual thoughts…does anyone just feel like being stupid? Like back in high school without a care in the world? I sure do because it is easy and carefree not demanding and articulate.
Though I have an inclination of reverting to my old self apart of me just love to entertain the idea without preforming such stupi and malicous acts of random stupidity. Hmmmmm…
I am really looking forward to going back to Mount Hood and tearing up the slopes. The trip is planned for the end of February and all my buddies are wanting to get wild and go big. I still haven’t post many videos from the last Hood trip but they didn’t turn out all that great. I am hoping to get more come this year. Well I am going to go hang out with my girlfriend and spoon…lata.

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