Kayak Point Real Estate

Kayak Point real estate is one of Snohomish County’s best kept secrets if you ask me. Located just south of Stanwood Washington, Kayak Point real estate offers residents peace and quite with exceptional views of the Puget Sound.
There are many reasons to choose Kayak Point real estate over another area of Snohomish County but the one that I feel is the most important is: private beach front. The Puget Sound is home to the famous Dungeness crab and some of the most extraordinary claming beaches on the West Coast. Having beach access gives homeowners the best of the Northwest not only because of the water but also residents are still near the Cascade Mountains.
Barnett Associates just got a new Kayak Point real estate listing on Wednesday and what a home it is. Nestled on a 1 acre lot, this 5,620 sq/ft home has two kitchens, 4 bedrooms, 2 rec rooms (with a combined 2,000 sq/ft) 3 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. Talk about amazing huh? This home is huge and perfect for large families as well as a vacation home.
The owner of this spectacular residence is going to get lasting joy and pleasure every morning they wake up. The view overlooking the Puget Sound are astounding and it made me stop and take a few deep breadths while taking pictures, totally awe inspiring.
If you are thinking about purchasing a Kayak Point real estate residents in the future then contact Mickie Barnett at (425) 750-9090 or mickie@barnettassociates.net.

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