Mike Redwine

Back in June of 2006, my great friend, Mike Redwine, took off to Saudi Arabia to work as a AMP mechanic on a two year contract. Since then we have been chatting at odd times via MSN Messenger. When it is my morning it is his night so we are always greeting each other with each other’s respective time. It is pretty funny, yea we are geeks, but it is pretty cool that we can still stay in regular contact during his contract.
I love to visit Mike Redwine‘s blog because he keeps it updated about his travels around Saudi Arabia and provides many pictures, which is awesome since I have never been there. There are some differences about Saudi Arabia and the Muslim culture most of which I did know. Some of these differences are: alcohol is illegal by Islamic Law and so is starring at women (those are stupid laws if you ask me), people up to work when they feel like and don’t have to work when they get there (drives Mike crazy) and it is hotter than hell (Mike loves to Snowmobile and is from Alaska but he says he is getting used to the heat).
He finally got a vacation and he spent it in Russia visiting his girlfriend. Mike has been blogging about the issues faced with getting his visa, departing for Russia, airplane flights on Lufthansa and Aeroflot. His more recent posts are about his travels around Russia and to the many different monuments (see pictures here) with his girlfriend and her family.
I am really happy for Mike and he is such a great traveler, much better than I when I went to Bosnia alone (pre-blogging days Oct-04) and has become quite cultured since his younger years. If you get a chance swing over to his blog and check it out because it is definitely worth reading.
Well I gotta run and get some work done today, Peace Out!!

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