A Weekend in Review

Tonight Jus Jyll and I are hanging out at her place eating mass snacks (kiwi, cheese, carrots, cucumber, green peppers, oranges and mangos) while we chillax. This weekend there hasn’t been a whole lot of time to jump around the net but to tell ya the truth it was kind of nice but it is also nice to sit here and mind dump the weekend.
Friday was a productive day at work and I almost completed a new webpage on the Kellogg Ridge neighborhood in Marysville. So guess it wasn’t to productive, lol, but leaving at 4:30 I headed over to my buddy’s Mike house to hang out with him and my other buddy Jake. It was hella fun to catch up since it has been a month from last time we hung out. We don’t hang out as much as we used to since I moved to Kirkland, 30+ miles away from Marysville.
Mike, Jake and I talked cars most of the night and what are plans for all our vehicles. Mike is building a 69 RS/SS Camaro and Jake is going to buy a truck like mine. It will be sweet when we are all rolling together but all in due time. We also chatted about our other buddy Mike Redwine and his travels around the world. It was some good old fashioned fun which has been missing for some time now and we stayed up to late just bullshittin away.
The next morning I was up way to early, 8:30, and headed home to meet up with Jyll for a day of traveling and pictures. After getting home and cleaned up Jyll and I headed out for our big day…we went out for lunch and then back home to veg and munch. We spent the day together on her couch eating junk and watching movies…it totally rocked and we were in bed by 10:30. It was awesome and I woke up on Sunday morning (today) at 10:00am. It felt so good and being rested I was ready to begin the day.
I got home and showered up, washed and vacummed the truck then Jyll and I hooked up for a big day. We went to Redmond Towncenter to go to Victoria Secret’s…Jack Pot…I love that store. After they we got some mean lunch at Red Robin and then headed home. I got my chores done then back to Jyll’s place which leads me right back to where I started.

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