Deception Pass Day Trip

Today my girlfriend, Just Jyll, and I went to Whidbey Island to visit her parents and drop off furniture. Our day was awesome and with the weather being gorgeous it made the day so much more enjoyable. We stopped off at Deception Pass and took a few pictures, Deception Pass Photo Album, which was really cool because of the views and fresh air. After we got to her parents we took a tour of the property and boy was it nicely done. the forest underbrush was cleared exposing the forest floor and making it easy to see in and out. The walk was most enjoyable and I could have easily spent all day just sitting in the woods listening to the silence. After we had dinner, Jyll and I jumped in the truck and made our way to the ferry for a nice boat ride home but made a quick detour to look at real estate in Mukilteo. By now it was raining and the wind was blowing so standing outside and enjoying the city lights wasn’t the best idea but we did it anyway. As Mukilteo approached we enjoyed the rocking of the ferry, the lights of Everett and each others hugs and soon it was time to get back into the truck. Now it is late and have been on the computer for a bit uploading images and blogging so this all for me and I am going to crawl in bed and pass out…lata.
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