Mt Hood Part 2

This Thursday my friend and I are taking off to Mount Hood to go do some serious riding on one of the resorts on Mount Hood. My first time ever going to Mt Hood was back in December when Chris, Lindsey and I b-lined down there for a weekend get away.
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Right before that last trip some hikers were lost on the mountain and a few of them died while one was rescued, don’t quote me on that one, and it seems before this trip it has happened to some more hikers, Mount Hood climbers reach safety. What is with people get stranded on that mountain? I can tell you what…You couldn’t pay me to climb it. After my first trip I understood how and why it is so dangerous. I finally realized that I never posted the images from that trip, shame on me, so thy are now viewable at the Mount Hood Part I photo album. I am charging my camera, doing laundry and blogging about the big day while the music is blasting right now, the neighbors can bear with it tonight.
Tonight homage must be paid to the Snow Gods in hopes for another epic day on the mountain and this trip with mark only the third time I have been up this year. The first time up was with Chris and we had a great day at Stevens Pass, Washington. I’ll have his helmet camera so footage will be happening and hopefully it turns out good enough to post on Goingbigger YouTube. So what is the homage I pay to the Snow Gods for a great day you maybe wondering.
Well it all starts out with putting on a Warren Miller film and cranking up the music so I feel it in the apartment and putting on the gear to get reaquainted with the feeling. Sometime I sacrifice some beer (by drinking beverages) and getting kinda of tanked but not this time, we’ll save that for another time. I review all past trips by looking at pictures and remembering what it was like when busting those moves and carving the powder.
Early in the season I started to get added to people friends list on MySpace that were ski related and then I got the great idea to add some of my heroes with hopes that I could make it on their friends list. It worked and I had a conversation with Chris Anthony through private message. It was totally sick because I have more movies than I can count with him on them!! Boo Yaoooo!!
Ok I gotta run and get some stuff done before it is time to leave Thursday morning!!

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