This afternoon AceJacks and I went and seen the movie 300 and it was the best movie I have seen in a very long time. 300 is based in the Greek time of the Spartans when the Persian where marching through the old world conquering civilizations on their quest to rule the know world.
At the beginning of the movie a Persian messenger rides into Sparta to tell them to surrender and kneel to the Persian leader, who thinks he is a god (nothing has changed for them has it), in order to preserve their way of life. Spartans where bread and trained as warriors from birth, no one like that kneels to anyone else, so surrendering was not in the thought process. After a brief discussion the Spartan King front kicked the messenger, the action sequences where slowed down similar to the Matrix, so hard and launched him into a pit in the courtyard. It was awesome and at that point I knew the movie was going to be as bad ass as the trailers portrayed it as.
The movie continues and they gather 300 Spartan warriors to face the millions of the Persian army, they didn’t unleash their might force of 10,000, to do an epic battle where few stand up for what they believe in, freedom, against all odds. The battles where out right bloody, violent and skillfully done where it held every piece of attention I could muster.
Even though there was tons of action in 300 there was also a great plot line with the Spartan King and Queen. Their devotion was more silent and conveyed through visual love that in timeless. Along with there undying love, the Queen had to hold down the fort while the King was off in battle. She had to convince the elders that more men were needed for this war, that was brought upon Sparta, and the city had to make the decision to send more troops. The Queen made a solid case and ended up killing this puke that was in the pockets of the Persians, everyone in the audience cheered.
Back to the battle. 300 portrayed the true account, from my history research (yes, I am history buff), of what it meant to be a Son of Sparta and what Sparta stood for. The Spartan warriors were all stacked in the movie, how true that was I don’t know, and had warrior skills that were unrivaled by their opponents. The cinematography slowed down then speeded up the action sequences to show the moves, skills and talent of the warriors to where as viewer it felt like you were in the battles.
300 also had a lot of humor in it to my surprise. It was so good that the audience all laughed and in my opinion further enriched the movie experience. In one scene the Spartan King was walking over the dead, the first round of battle, when a party started to ride up, to small to be an attack the King decided to go out. The King started to go out and greet them by himself and when others objected he responded there is no reason why we can’t be civil. The crowd roared with laughed because of the irony of comedic interjection in the face of ultimate carnage.
The battles continued with the Persians throwing everything they could muster at 300 Spartan Warriors, rhinos, elephants and even the Immortals, which the Spartans challenged their names and put it to the test. The Immortals died, like everyone else, and the battles continued in epic proportions with action upon more action.
The last stand had the Spartans holding their heads high and fighting to the bitter end against all odds. As the history books tell the 300 Spartans perished doing what they valued, honor and freedom.
It was the greatest movie I have seen in years and a must seen in my book. I will preorder the DVD to watch over and over. After writing this I want to go see it again and probably again.
300 Kicks ASS


16 thoughts on “300

  1. This is a great film review. Just what we need for something different in the newspaper. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a message. It is always nice to get new visitors. I would love to put your birthday in my celebrations column, can I have your name to put in please. hugs ^S^

  2. Hi Toby. I have put your birthday in my celebrations list. Yes I did enjoy your write up on 300. Might even go and see it myself. If I do I\’ll let you know what I think of it. Thank you for your visit. hugs ^S^

  3. Hey Toby!!
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    Taker\’ Sleazy Buddy!!

  4. Hi Toby. I changed your birthday to March sorry bout that. You did put June in the comment though. What a mix up. Take care hugs ^S^

  5. Covers eyes and runs away!!  I want to see that movie so I didn\’t read your spoiler 🙂  I saw the 7-21-07 date for HP 7.  Most of the bets where that she was going to release it on 7-7-07, but JKR does wehat she wants when she wants to do it.  I guess being a Billionaire has some benefits!

  6. So you liked that movie, huh? Cool. I want to go see it. Glad to hear it doesn\’t suck!
    Maybe I\’ll post some stuff next week, when I get back from Vegas. If I come back…heh heh heh……

  7.           \\\\|/        ( @@)  ooO–(_)–Ooo    Peek-a-boo Toby ….Just poppin on over the fence to say thanks for The Time Has Come blog, and omg it has been AGES since I have been by!  What a horrid spaces buddy I am…I will be posting a update from Ms Xtina Concert.. truly AMAZING…. but the pics are not mine…I have heard that 300 is amazing.. I soooo want to see this film.. I love movies like this…
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  9. Hi I\’m a space jumper, so I sort of forced myself to read this blog. 300 is coming out in Melbourne in a few weeks I don\’t know but I will see it cause you are pretty good at convincing otha ppl. And if it crap then…

    Toby my Washington buddy,
    I am glad you feel good at my space.
    I always smile when I see you have visited.
    Maybe one day Grinchy and I will meet ya..
    Have a great weekend…
    Stopping by from Lynn\’s Guest book signing Event.
    Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don\’t want to press your luck.
    Happy St. Patty\’s Day.
    Kiss Me 

    Hey Toby!!

    Easter time is coming, & I have PROOF that the Easter Bunny is EVIL!!
    I\’M SERIOUS,……… Come see for yourself!!

  12. Hey there,
    Thanks for stopping in I always luv new visitors.
    It may look like winter still but tomorrow is the first day of spring.
    I want to see that movie also it looks really kool ;-]
    Have yourself a great week & take care.
    Ciao for now
    __________ @@@@@@__________@@@____@@@________@@@________@@_____@@@@@@@________@@___________@@__@@@______@@________@@____________@@@__________@@__________@@________________________@@____@@@@@@______@@@@@___________@@__@@@@@@@@@__@@@@@@@_________@@__@@____________@@@@@@@@@_______@@_@@____________@@@@@@@@@@_____@@_@@____________@@@@@@@@@@___@@@_@@@___________@@@@@@@______@@__@@@@__________@@@@@________@@____@@@@@@_______________________@@_________@@_________________________@@________@@___________@@___________@@________@@@________@@@@@@@@@@@_________@@@_____@@@_@@@@@@@__________@@@@@@@___________@@@@@_@ ____________________@ ____________________@ _____________________@ ______________________@ ______________________@____@@@______________@@@@__@__@_____@ _____________@_______@@@___@@________________@@@___@
    Think Spring

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    by then I already had 15 pictures so the Blog was getting too big anyway.
    ( The Knights who say "NEEEE" Hahahahaaa!!!  Classic!! )
    I was also told from Elana about – Frank the Bunny from "Donnie Darko"
    I cant seem to remember him, I\’m going to have to look that one up! 
    Taker\’ Sleazy buddy & GO SEATTLE MARINERS!!

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