Work is busy

This week started off slowly but there is one thing about work, it can slowly build into something over whelming. For the past few years I have been working our companies real estate website to shape it into a lead generating tool for the office and its agents. It has been a long tough road because in the early stages no one believed that a website could actually do that for a company in the real estate industry. Faced with a lot of skeptism I continued to work on it until it reached #1 of Google for Marysville real estate, view results. as well as with a host of other keywords and the leads do come in and they’re are abundant enough to keep the office busy.
Part of the success has come from building the Marysville real estate page into a valuable resource that has information on the many Marysville neighborhoods. This is where the time and energy comes into play. So far there is roughly 15 neighborhood pages and 4 park pages complete but I went out today to take another round of pictures. All the pictures will translate into 16 new neighborhood and park pages for just this one city alone.
It is quite a chore to take the pictures, resize, upload and the write text to match all those pages. It may sound like no big deal but rest assured, a top of my other office duties it is quite exhausting. The site is growing and has 150+ pages indexed in Google which gives much more authority than our competitors in the area. No other real estate website, well maybe one, has the amount of information our website has.
It pretty sweet and really good feeling when the results are so promenent. Also, in February we crested the 20K hit mark for a single month and we are looking to crest it again this month as well. If we can maintain this average through the whole year then we will have a year that is crazy full of internet leads and no one in our coverage area will be able to compete with us. Well I gotta run and get some the frame work constructed for those new webpages…take care!!

5 thoughts on “Work is busy

    ()\’\’\’\'()( \’o\’ )(,,,)_)\’–.o)===(o)=\’ Beep Beep Hi Ya  Toby
    Just crusin on in to say {{Hi}}  …I hope all is well in your corner of the world ..sounds like your keeping busy and that your doing well.. good for you – nice to see.
         ()\’\’\’\'()   (\’\'( \’o\’ )  –)_____)l\’–\’\’=(o)===(o)=\’ See ya round the block ♥Nicci♥♂ ♀Got Hot Debate Topics ??  ♂ ♀UST Wants To Share Them ♂ ♀

  2. Hello, and thanks for visiting and the idea about the support list. Nice pix of Mt.Hood! Bob and Diane Deskhelper.

    Besides the Race car…
    Hubby has our cats all over Youtube…lol
    Hiya sweet stuff…
    Stopping by to give ya a hug—–> (((Toby)))
    Big smiles in your direction…

    This is a total disgrace! All these gifted, freedom loving Bloggers cut down before their prime by bigoted people with no sense of humor! Long Live the MSN 15!! Free the MSN 15!!

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