His and Her Big Screens

Sunday was such a cool because Jyll and I went out in the big bad world and conquered the evils then capturing our prizes, matching His and Her Samsung 50" Plasma HDTVs. Most couples go get matching shirts or rings but not us, we go get big screens…now that is what I am talking about.
The day started off like any other with us sleeping in and then getting up for some coffee plus bacon and eggs. Jyll got up and jumped on the pc, while I cleaned up from breakfast, and started pricing out big screens with her Quixtar membership. This soon transformed into the idea of going out and looking. The search started with us driving to the Kirkland Costco and checking out their selection. Though they didn’t have the largest selection (its not my choice for electronics) but they did have some decent TVs with decent prices. After looking we decided to go to the Costco Home Store just off 116th to see what they had. Having a more in depth selection we got to compare the screen quality and sizes through the many top brands.
Our search to us to Best Buy, Video Only and Circuit City to keep comparing screens and prices. It seemed that we were getting really serious to buy, well I was thinking that one would be sweet to bring home that day. After looking and looking Jyll and I decided to take a break and go get some dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood. While eating spaghetti, salad, bread and tortellini, Jyll and I talked about purchasing two TVs from Best Buy (Best Buy had the better prices since we were looking at 2007 models).
Discussions became more discussion and we conveniently drove back to Best Buy to start negotiating for 2 Samsung 50" Plasma HDTVs. The negotiations were stiff but we got both TVs and one wall mount for $4,300, cha ching for some bling bling. The price was really reasonable especially since there is no interest for 12 months.
I have two say that we are happy with the purchases and TVs. Dad is coming over tomorrow night to help me mount mine on my wall which is going to be sick. Now just need the HDTV cable from Comcast. Anyhoo it is late and I need to go to work early and make some money.

2 thoughts on “His and Her Big Screens

  1. You should have stuck to Costco!!!!!  Just in case you have any problems with them, Costco is a dream when it comes to getting a replacement.  Doesn\’t matter when you bought it or if you kept your receipt. They track everything through your card, so you just bring it back and they give you a new one. 🙂  I LOVE that store. Congrats on the new tv\’s!  I like the way Jyll thinks!

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