Seattle Mariners Season Opener 2007

Yesterday, I took the day off work to go to the Seattle Mariners season opener at Safeco Field in SODO. I met up with my buddy Lance, few others from high school and some other friends who I’ve been to Seahawks games with.
I left Kirkland around 2:30 hoping to would take to long to get across the water. But to my dismay 520 was all backed up and didn’t clear up until the s-curves near the University of Washington. Finally getting to Seattle there were nothing but cars and after finding a spot I reached Safeco Field to take in the Seattle Mariners hosting the Oakland Athletics.
The first part of the game went fast because of the great pitching by both teams which game me some time to take some pictures. It all started to change with the Seattle Mariners got one hit, then the A’s second baseman had a throw bounce off the top of his glove, an Ibanez sacrifice fly and the score was 1-0. Sexson came to bat and belted a 3 run home, HELL YEA!! GO Mariners!!
The Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics 4-0 in their first game of the 2007 season. Let’s hope they continue to play well all season.

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