Mustang Video

The summer is finally approaching us in the Great Northwest and boy are we ready. I have been talking with Dayzed50 about the new plans for this season for the 1993 Supercharged GT Mustang and he informed, and chatting with him tonight, that he is bolting on his new goodies that consist of Canfield Heads, TrickFlow Upper Intake, Edlebrock Performer Lower Intake and new 1 3/4 inch headers so the motor can start going in tomorrow.  I would have loved to gone up their tonight but being as I haven’t felt to good tonight is movie night. Early last week we got all our old footage together and took to a place in Bellevue to get put on DVD, from a 8mm. Last night it got converted to a mpeg for everyone’s easy viewing and a two lap section from Pacific Raceways got uploaded to YouTube. So for your viewing enjoyment here is it is.

One thought on “Mustang Video

  1. Wow, that was a nice surprise seeing a comment for you on my space.  Sorry I didn\’t get back to you sooner.  I\’ve been traveling the last few months between the States and Italy.  How are you doing?  Maybe I can find the answer to that after I\’m done reading your blogs.  Hope you have an awesome day!  Ciao!

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