Transformers Movie

Back in December 2006, I found out the new Transformers movie coming out this summer and needless to say I am still stoked on it release. All the trailers I have been watching and finding on YouTube make the movie so appealing to my generation especially since I grew up watching the cartoons and playing with the action figures. I just watched a video on the Transformers website about the creators of the film and one of main items they touched on was the sound and when the high quality sound is bonded with awesome graphics and special effects it is bound to be a block buster with Generation Xers.
My favorite has to be Optimus Prime, partly because I am truck guy and there is no bigger truck that 18 wheeler, and he is just a plain bad ass. In the trailer there is but only a short glimpse of him which is at the end but it is so sick and keeps me wanting more and more. I have noticed Goingbigger getting a lot of search traffic for Optimus Prime Wallpaper but the post isn’ coming up as well as it should. Also, it should be mentioned that the wallpaper is not of the original Optimus Prime but one of a flat nose semi that is blue and white, not the traditional blue and red.
This first video is the trailer I favorited on YouTube and it really gives an excellent overview of the movie. Decepticons come to destroy people and the Autobots come to protect people. My favorite has to be when Optimus Prime roles into the picture and transforms (the brief glimpse mentioned earlier) and when whatever it is climbs out of the pool at the end.
This next movie was made by, who also did the Wallpaper, and it also is favorited on my YouTube site. It is really well done in my opinion because the camera angel and motion used simulates a person walking and filming at the same time, like an amateur would film, a little bouncy. It brings such realism to the movie when the flat nose Optimus Prime transforms. Goingbigger rates this video an A+
There will be more posts to come and especially a review of the movie when I see it. So mark your calendars for July 4, 2007 for the Transformers Movie and what could be a better way to spend Independence Day than with saving the world?

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