TW Resource Group

My new small business marketing website is coming along nicely and as luck would have it I created a lens for it as well focused around small business seo. It will give us some more links and hopefully bolster into becoming a trafficed blog. Right now I have been working on a project, centered around Mustang racing, how a small business can make movies and use social media to promote themselves. It is going well and Saturday night I meet with Brian to story board the project…it is going to be so much fun to build and make.

2 thoughts on “TW Resource Group

    Hiya Sweets, sorry to take so long to get back to ya..
    Been a busy bee and haven\’t had much time for PC stuff lately.
    Are you saying you can\’t add yourself to my slide book?
    Or you need the link to get your own?
    To sign it you click on the add me button at the top.
    If you need the link let me know.
    I hope you are having a good day.
    Big smiles to ya Toby…

    Hey Toby!!
    Happy 420 on 4/20 !!!!
    Been AWOL from spaces for awhile &
    Racing to get the car done, the exahst points directly to a frame rail on one side
    and the steering shaft on the other,… SHEEEESH!!
    Have to make custom hedders to fit. $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!
    Note to self: Never try to stick a 460 in a Pinto.  (The 351C was hard enough!)
    Planning on being at the races at Bremerton Raceway on the 5th.
    Taker sleazy buddy!

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