Work is so tough fight now and my stress level is just about to break me down. The office is struggling because of current market conditions and in combination of a handful of crappy agents. Don’t get me wrong, the office has some great people and we do business is just that it isn’t enough to sustain the company right now.
I have been working on some customer relations management all last week and this week. it has been building a database of all our past clients so we can do follow ups and keep in touch as the years pass along. Also, I have been continually to work on our online presence to keep bring in the leads for our agents.
You know I feel like I am failing the company though I know it isn’t true. Total sales have increased since I started, our internet presence is unmatched in our area (at lease in Marysville), I have created processes and systems that were nonexistent. These things have enable us to start competing more fiercely in our local market but it is still challenging when deals fail, clients flake out and moral gets down.
For the most part it is a tough burden to bear and when shit hits the fan and things swirl around like a toilet the owner and manager feel the true force of what is like to go month to month. I struggle with going after another employment but can’t bear to give up and walk away from family. My brother depends on the success of the company as well as mom and I (and the host of agents that we have).
I would love to sit here and talk about how my strategies are the bomb and work and are making me tons of loot but today that is not the case. Shit is in the toilet and all I can do is get up tomorrow and go back to work, with the hopes of making something happen for everyone benefit. How does a company get immediate cash? Small business loan is all I can think of but right now that doesn’t seem like the smartest option.
But there are some items that still bother me. One is that the marketing strategies I have written about to our agents haven’t been acted on, at all. Two, everyone thinks in the time frame of now and not in the preplanning way of generating a long term revenue stream. It is only in times of distress that people start to act, man that bugs me. Third, everything I preach works because I do it and have the stats to prove it yet nothing is nothing ever taken advantage of.
All I can do is keep on keeping on with the hopes that one day our agents, and/or others, will come on board and take advantage of it. It makes me feel like a failure as a manager/leader and going through business school all the principals I am trying to practice but fail to get my peeps on board. Maybe I should go audit some courses at the UW to see where I am making my mistakes.
I just had a thought when writing that last sentence…I am going to look up my old leadership professor and seek his consultation.

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