2 Year Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of Goingbigger’s MSN Space. It has been quite a journey and surprised the site has lasted so long and is still a source of excellent entertainment and release for me. Looking back at my very first blog it makes me laugh as to think that this Space was going to be an traffic monger and have some good PR. It has now has crested 50k page views, a Google PageRank 4 and has 513 pages indexed in Google; quite an achievement for a free blog platform.
Goingbigger has also had a few good features along the way with two being on MSN Spaces Live homepage and on FoxSports homepage a week prior to Superbowl XL. FoxSports was my first taste of fame and I have to admit that it went to my head and I acted like a door knob on this blog. It wasn’t intentional but the 10 year old kid came out in me and it was all over.
Another thing is all the friends I have made on MSN Spaces and get to chat with on a pretty regular basis. Even though I only met two in person it was still quite cool to spend a weekend with them. We played golf and partied in a hotel down in Tacoma for a whole weekend. It marked a very unique time in my life and we are still friends to this day.
I am looking forward to the next year too what changes and activities that will be happening in my life that are worth blogging about. The Mustang races this summer, Seahawks Football, Snow Skiing in the winter and maybe a little work in the mean time. Hope everyone in blogger land is doing well…PEACE OUT!

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