Profile of the Month

Today voting starts for the Profile of the Month over at and as luck would have it I am a contestant. If anyone has some time could you swing over and cast a vote in my direction? My profile names is Goingbigger (go figure huh?) and I am the fourth one on the list in a black chevy pickup with chrome wheels. The only catch is that you have to register to vote but it only takes a minute and if your into cars/trucks like me you may want to have some fun with it.

3 thoughts on “Profile of the Month

    ()\’\’\’\'()( \’o\’ )(,,,)_)\’–.o)===(o)=\’ Beep Beep Toby
    Just crusin on in to say °εїз°Hi°εїз°  Just thought i would try to take a moment and venture out – see whats up and whos where and well just hop around and generate some good energy if I canOh I will have to take a spin on over to that site.. you know I love art in motion :)I hope all is well in your corner of the world
         ()\’\’\’\'()   (\’\'( \’o\’ )  –)_____)l\’–\’\’=(o)===(o)=\’ See ya round the block ♥Nicci♥

  2. Hiya!
    Just thought I would blog hop to all the people who have visited my page at one time or another. Since you are one of them, I am taking this time to say THANK YOU! You are remembered even during my times of absence. Each and every one of your visits is greatly appreciated! Whether you are a regular visitor or have only been to my page once I\’m still thankful! With the dwindling interaction of Windows Live Spaces I just wanted to make sure you know you are not forgotten and mean more than just a comment to me! 😀
    . ♥¸.·*¨) (¸.·´♥♥.¤*`¤Thanx a bunch~Jolie Mae♥

  3. Hey bud!  Have you seen Spiderman 3 yet?  I\’m planning on waiting for the crwods to die down a bit.  I ordered HP 7 last week, only 75 days to go!!  I have been told that  I am going to the midnight showing of HP 5 when it is released.  🙂   Catch you l8r

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