Shelby GT-H Mustang

The racing is season is in full effect and this week couldn’t have been more exciting. Right now I am in Arizona for my cousin’s college graduation from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The whole family left Seattle on Friday and flew into Phoenix then drove to Prescott.
After getting settled into the hotel I parked the mini-van, oh yea, the gutless wonder, across the street and upon getting out I noticed a nice Mustang parked nearby. It so happened there was a Shelby GT-H sitting there. You know the ones, the Mustang built by Carroll Shelby for Hertz rent-a-car where the only way to drive one is to rent it.
To my surprise my cousin informed me that his dad rented the Shelby GT-H and it seemed an opportunity of a life time was primed and ready for the rippin. After the graduation I went over to my cousin’s dad and asked if I could take the Shelby GT-H for a spin to feel the power, steering and overall performance.
It was an automatic so some of the sports car element was lost but that only lasted until I turned the key. The pipes sounded awesome with a nice pop to the tone and smoothness as the engine approached mid RPM range. First I took my sister-in-law for a ride and got it a little sideways in rain. My sister-in-law wants a Cobra or a Shelby really bad so it was a treat for her. Then my brother and I, probably not the best combination, took it out for some hot laps.
High Points
  • The tight, race car steering
  • The engine in the upper RPM range
  • The confidence in the traction and handling
Low Points
  • Little low end torque
  • Back fires between shifts


One thought on “Shelby GT-H Mustang

    Great Blog Toby=O)
    Fun Stuff.
    Hiya Toby,Just wanted to let you know that Grinchy, Miss Stacy, Bevis Kitty, Bruty Kitty & I are loading up the Motor
    home and heading off going to Boise Idaho
    to the Firebird Raceway.  We will be back late Monday night. Wish Grinchy luck on the win. Don\’t forget about us!  "MUAH"  Shannon

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