Grand Canyon

Yesterday was another day for the adventure books and one my family or I will never forget. We all arose early, cooked breakfast and packed up the family Ferrari (the mini-van) and made our way north to the Grand Canyon.
It was a blistering day, my reddish tan proves it, and in Phoenix it was going to be, roughly, 99 degrees so we were thinking it to be, around, 70 degrees at the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival the temp felt good and the park ranger lady was kind of cute, could have been the uniform, moving on, and soon upon entering the Grand Canyon we found parking.
After a homemade lunch sandwiches, turkey, ham, tomato, lettuce on potato bread, the family made its way to the trail head.
My first impression was all inspiring to say the least. Walking up to the edge I got to see the depth and vastness that is the Grand Canyon.
Being somewhat adventurous and seeing a lady out on a point, very narrow and extending out into the Grand Canyon, Goingbigger got the idea that he should go out there and get his picture taken.
Not being the brightest person, I went out to the point and my brother took a picture. It was an eerie experience and have to say that I was questioning my own decision making process. But as I said earlier, I am not the brightest person and the thought of dying somehow slipped my memory.
The looking across the Grand Canyon, seeing the various layers of stone and comprehending what the world was like when it was created. It made me re-think what all I have thought was true, in my heart, so tomorrow is going to be a new day, one that can embark me on a life long journey.
So it is off to Meteor Crater!! Look out World here I come!!

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. Seeing your pics of the canyon brought back mega memories.  We used to go there 2 or 3 times a year on the night of a full moon, and watch the full moon rise over the canyon.  That is truly one of the most awesome sights on the planet.

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