Meteor Crater – Arizona

On Friday May 11, 2007 I had the privilege to visit Meteor Crater as part of my trip to Arizona, finally getting around to blogging about it. It was so cool since being into space and having a interest in the galaxy, its formation, and the possibilities of travel.

I’ve seen TV-show after TV-show on meteors and always Meteor Crater is brought up, because it is the largest and most well preserved crater on Earth.

Eduardo Donoso was our tour guide and what a treat it was. Being the head tour guide and long time expert of Meteor Crater whom has been featured on the History Channel, I got a the fullest and most complete account of the crater’s history and of the surrounding areas. That was a special treat for me and learning more of the history surrounding the crater, land owners, mining claims and old museums gave me a great appreciation for this individual crater.

Through the tour, I felt a connection crater while contemplation my own thoughts on life throughout the universe.

Visiting Meteor Crater brings deeper meaning to the Friday 13 asteroid that will pass the Earth in 2029, which could impact Earth in later years. There is a flash video regarding the end of the world and its very funny yet has many truths in to – watch video.

If you have a chance to visit the crater I highly recommend it, for more than just pictures, as there is a lot to be learned from the whole experience and how fragile life is.


2 thoughts on “Meteor Crater – Arizona

  1. I never made it to meteor crater, even though I lived in N AZ for a couple of years.  Well I was a starving college student at the time, and my freshman year, all I had for transportaion was a Honda Spree.I CANNOT wait for HP 7.  Been rereading the series so that its fresh in my mind for the new book.  I found a minor plot hole.  At the end of book 4 she mentions the carriages pulled by the invisible horses, but to Harry they shouldn\’t be invisible because he had already seen Cedric die.  I also realized that when Dumbledore visited the Dursley\’s in book 6, and asked them to allow Harry to stay for a little bit of time after the 6th school year, he did so because he knew he would be dead and wouldn\’t be able to send Petunia another howler.
    These are some of the little tidbits I\’ve been picking up on.
    Only 68 days to go!!

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