Las Vegas Nevada

This weekend I got to spend some time in Las Vegas visiting real estate webmaster for Las Vegas homes for sale. It was a fun and exciting time since I’ve never met Charles before and he is very good at internet marketing it gave me the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and discuss many issues. When we were walking around Las Vegas I took a few pictures from a few vantage points but being caught up in conversation my picture focus slowly slipped away. This coming December I am planning to go back to Las Vegas for Pubcon, a internet marketing conference.

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas Nevada

  1. Hey Toby!
    How the hell are ya man?? So you\’ve been getting around, huh? The meteor crater? Awesome! Never been to see that. I like that kind of stuff too. Grand canyon? Awesome! Been there. If you like that, you should see Zion sometime. It totally rules. Trust me. Vegas too huh? I just took my wife there for her birthday. We stayed at the NY NY. I had never stayed there before. It was awesome. Lived up to the expectations, which is always a surprise ….
    So hows business now? Read your entry below. Yeah, things have kind of taken a turn in real estate huh? Well, you hang in there man. Only the tough survive!!! I\’m going through my own shit storm right now at work. Can\’t believe all the worthless crap bag people in this town…. Everyone wants a paycheck and no one wants to show up to earn one. I can\’t tell you how many people I have hired, who don\’t even show up to start their first day! No kidding.
    Are ya getting itchy for football season yet? Heh heh heh……

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