Talking about Search for alien life to go round-the-clock – Space News –

Great news for SETI participates and the SETI institue as well. SETI with help from Paul Allen is going to be bringing 42 radio dishes online to conduct a 24/7/365 sweep of the sky. Right now there isn’t any 24/7 sweep so this with dramatically increase the probability of finding a singal from another planet.

I’ve been a part of the SETI program since 2002, my first internet group, using the SETI@HOME software to crunch data units. Now SETI is using a new software package BIONIC that allows for more than just SETI data units to be crunched. My team, Goingbigger Exploration, has 3 members so far and we are continually putting up new stats.

Jyll, the newest member, is climbing up fast and will probably pass me soon. My home computer is unreliable and likes to crash while running the program, probably because it is a 9 year old PIII 800. Chris is slowly getting som numbers up there but I know he is busy doing chores around the house to think about running his BIONIC software. At leas the team is growing and over a period of time we will get some serious statistics up there.

I am glad to see the SETI program get help to keep this dream and pursuit moving forward. It is pretty cool to be a part of something like this and when life is dicovered I can say that my computers helped out 🙂


Search for alien life to go round-the-clock – Space News –


2 thoughts on “Talking about Search for alien life to go round-the-clock – Space News –

  1. Interesting…I love everything ET and would love to learn that a life form exists on another planet. Hard facts, none of this he said-she said, hauxs and cover-up stuff.
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  2. Hi Toby..I only wore the shirt cause Grinchy sent it to me..other than that..its getting burned the 5th game of the season! LOL!
    Have a great day! 🙂

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